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Chasing waterfalls, Mountain Hiking, Watching Sea of Clouds, and Rice Terraces only in Bakun Benguet: A seamless place for adventurers

Baguio City is known to be the summer capital of the Philippines. Lots and lots of tourist from a different corner of the Philippines are coming to explore Baguio and to experience its coldness. Last year, when I had a vacation in Baguio with my college friends from Cebu, we weren't able to explore Baguio much since we only have 2 days at that time.

Mines View, Baguio City

It's been almost 3 months since I left Cebu. I left Cebu because of too much heartache. HAHAHAHA Char lungs! I left Cebu and move here in Baguio because I like Baguio and the weather is perfectly imperfect. This article should be written and posted supposedly months ago but since poor man ko diris Baguio (no laptop and other resources and also busy), so, therefore, I can't post just easy as that. I even just used my phone in creating and posting this HAHAHA it's too difficult kaya to access and navigate Blogspot using a phone.

Burnham Park, Baguio City 

San Carlos Heights, Baguio City

When I came here, I have no idea where to go and where to live, despite of searching room for rent online before coming here. Luckily, I got this friend who I asked for a little favor, Rhex. One thing that I can say about Igorots,

Conquering the Perfectly Green Landscape in Alicia Bohol: Binabaje Hills

Bohol, as we all know, is a popular tourist destination all over the world because of its natural beauty and white sand beaches. Surely, we are all familiar with what are these spots in Bohol, right?

Binabaje Hills, Alicia Bohol

A little thing about Binabaje Hills

One of these spots is the Binabaje Hills which is located in the municipality of Alicia. This was discovered a year ago if I'm not mistaken. Numbers of major events such as trail run took part in this place.


It has been a few weeks since I've been into the mountains after our first major trek in Ormoc City, "super kapoy man gud". Few weeks before my flight in Manila, I’ve decided to go somewhere. I remembered that a friend of mine, Mark, invited me to visit and hike to a “deadly” cliff near their place. Basically, I wasn't alone in this trip; I have Mark along the trail who served as my guide in going to their place in Brgy. Tubod and into the cliff. 

What I love in this Laag was that we were able to visit Simala Church. We lighted candles and offered a prayer. 

The Spectacular Campsite in Mt. Kalbasaan, Traverse from Puting Bato to Biga Pit

Do you know that feeling when you are surrounded by a lot of people with good vibes but still you feel alone? Hayst MAOY pa more. But what's really the best thing do to when you're in MAOY mood?

Go shopping?
Sleeping all day long? 

Laag Bisaya

Nowadays, it is so common that if someone is in MAOY mood, they'll go mountain climbing to ponder chuchu and etc lol. Mountain trekking, aside from being the stress reliever for some, mountains also became the instant witness on how maoy you are. Luhh!
Sa bukid nga imong gi lakwan
Murag feelings nimo niya, walay padulngan
Sakit huna hunaon
Pero sa kasakit sab kita makat on
Ayaw pag pakabuta bungol
Sa gugmang makagu-ol
Kung tumang kasakit ang matagamtaman
Hununga ug putla ang tanan
Dili lang ko ni tas-on
Para kita maka move-on

Laag Bisaya


The trail to Mt. Kalbasaan

As far as I know, there are three trails going to Mt. Kalbasaan, one is via eskina Pakigne Minglanilla or eskina Tubod, second is via Camp 8 Minglanilla and third is via Camp 7 at the same town. Camp 7 and Camp 8 can be reached via Brgy. Lutopan in the Municipality of Toledo. 

Conquering Eastern Visayas' Highest and Treacherous Peak : Mt. Aminduen/Alto Peak

Every mountaineers dream is to experience major climb in different places and in different mountains. No matter how high the peak is and how tough the trail is, kay laagan man lage, go lang ng go. Visayas may not have the title for having the highest peak in the Philippines but it is well known for its spectacular peaks. 

Laag Bisaya

Cebu has Osmeña Peak which is the highest peak in Cebu Province, but climbing is very hmmmm. It’s for you to find out.

The Peak

Alto Peak or commonly known as Mt. Aminduen is located in Brgy. Cabintan, Ormoc City which is 1.5 hrs away from the city proper. Mt. Aminduen is known to be the highest peak in Eastern Visayas at 1332 MASL (meter above sea level).

Alegria's Spectacular Gems for Summer: Camp at Mt. Lanaya, Trek to Kalo-Kalo Peak, and Swim to Cambais Falls

Summer is Here! Trek+Camp+Swim was the second major event we had. The first one was the Pre-Hearts Day held in the City of Naga. The same as the previous event , it was done successfully and peacefully. On behalf of Laag Bisaya Team, I would like to say thank you to those who attended and contributed to the success of the event. Thank you so much for your cooperation and following the simple bukid rules.

Laag Bisaya

Basically, the event should have 52 joiners and 13 organizers. Unfortunately, there were more than 20 laagans who did not made it due to some circumstances. But if the attendance were complete, surely we could have had a hard time in going to Alegria since most of the buses going there can only accommodate 40-50 passengers.

Mt. Lanaya's Ocular: Alegria's friendly and Grassy Scenery Campsite

SECURITY is our number one priority in every event we've hosted. No matter how near or far the event place is or no matter how easy the trail is, we always do ocular. We do ocular to double check how safe the place is, to check the proper place where we can set up our camping tents, to assigned a designated cooking place and to check how difficult the trail is. Aside from this, we also need to see the captain or person in charge to ask an approval for formality and to provide our intent as to why we do this activity in their place. 
Trail going to Lanaya's Campsite
So, just last Sunday, the 7th, we had our ocular activity in both campsite and in the Kalo-Kalo peak. We leave Cebu at exactly 250 am via series bus and we arrived in Brgy. Legazpi, Alegria at 630 in the morning. Inig abot gyud dayon sa Brgy. Legazpi, there's a place where we need to register and pay the guide and entrance fee. During our ocular, we had to pay P150.00 each (P100.00 for the guide and P50.00 for the entrance. We tried