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Mt. Cabuyao commonly known as La Preza: Technically Single, Emotionally Unavailable

Are you wondering what's the title all about? Well, wala lang akong maisip. Bitaw, it's for you to find out. 

I’m on my final days here at the City of Pines after staying for months and worked here for a living. But before I leave, I wanted to have at least one mountain to hike on. So I and my friends have decided Mt. Ulap as our destination and are able to reach its highest peak. 

It’s not my first time in Mt. Ulap, I have been there before but only able to reach the first peak. It was a very cold morning as we went to the terminal at the Center Mall here in Baguio City. That was 4:30 am of 2nd of March 2019 and the excitements among us are very high since my friends haven’t been there yet. Also, that day happened to be the grand street dancing parade of the festival here in Baguio City, the  Panagbenga festival, so expect volume of people on the street. 

Unfortunately, as we about to reach the terminal, somebody told us that the local government prohibited tourists in going there due to massive fire that burns the majority of the mountain last 2 days ago. “Yung tipong lahat kayo nakanganga at ayaw paniwalaan ang sinasabi ng matandang estrangherong aming pinagtanungan”. That was a very disappointed moment since we woke up early just to have nothing in our hands.  


Benguet is situated in the mountainous part of the Philippines, there were lots of stunning mountains that every mountaineer dreamed to climb on. Mt. Yangbew and Mt. Kalugong in the other hand is located in La Trinidad Benguet, Mt. Ulap in Itogon Benguet, Mt. Tenglawan and Mt. Kabunian in Bakun Benguet and many more. These are just some of the mountains that every mountaineers dream to climb on. These mountains offer breathtaking, panoramic and instagrammable views.
 Laag Bisaya
Mt. Tenglawan in Bakun Benguet. Second to Mt. Pulag.

Laag Bisaya
Mt. Kalugong in La Trinidad

Sirao Peak: What if I did not organize that climb?

Having a group of people with the same point of interest is really great and surely makes a fun filled adventure. As we all know, laag is fun and it will be funnier when you are with your close friends or even not that close as long as you have the same interest. Nowadays, there are a lot of mountaineering groups anywhere. I actually wrote this article because I had a sudden question in my mind, "what if I did not organize a climb that day to Sirao Peak?" 

I really do love laag, climbing moutains, camping and etc, however, most of my friends are backout dancers and they love to draw and draw and draw and draw.... 

So what I did was, I created an event through Facebook. The very first event I had was held in Mt. Kabuwan, Naga City. Some of my friends as well as acquaintances joined me with this event. It was successfully done and we had so much fun. 

This was the very first event held at Mt. Kabuwan, City of Naga. The group is taking rest after extreme uphill trail. 

Few weeks after, I created another event that was held in Mt. Mago, Carmen. This time I had 20+ joiners. The best part of having such event is that we were able to meet new friends, make adventure and explore new things at the same time together. 

A seamless night trek to Mt. Kalbasaan

It's been 3 months since I went away from Cebu City. I missed a lot of things here, missed my friends, mountain adventures with them and so on and so forth. I also missed visiting my family in Bohol, basically, again I missed a lot of things here in the Visayas. 

Yes, I had a tough and good experience in Baguio during my time there. I learned how to survive on my own, live on my own, do things on my own and decide for things on my own. Technically, one reason why I went there alone is I wanna prove in myself that I can live independently. 

After 3 months in Baguio City, I finally went back to Cebu City. Just last 26th of September  I flew back here alone, naka kamiss din yung bisaya dialect yung marinig sa tainga natin everyday pero hindi ko na miss yung traffic at init sa Cebu. Lol! A day after my flight here, I went to Bohol to visit my mama, of course, family first then after 2 days I went back to Cebu to do my first trek after 3 months of being away. 

La Trinidad, Benguet: Exploring the Instagrammable view of Mt. Kalugong

Baguio is known to be the Summer Capital of the Philippines while La Trinidad Benguet is known to be the plantation of Benguet's Strawberries. I know, every tourist whom ventured in Baguio will not be satisfied if they can't have the strawberry fruit or strawberry jam. I've been in Baguio for 3 months, for all those days and times I learned a lot of things, values, and new cultures. I meet many kinds of person and fortunately, I got a number of good friends. 

It is really nice to be in the new place, like a totally brand new place. New in a way that people around don't speak the local dialect I had, weather and etc. The downside is that when the time goes by and you have to say goodbye of the place and all the people you got as friends. Makamingaw sad.

One of the adventures I had in Benguet was in La Trinidad Benguet. As far as I know, there were 2 stunning mountains located in La Trinidad. One was Mt. Kalugong and the other one was Mt. Yangbew in Brgy. Tawang, La Trinidad. 

La Trinidad

La Trinidad is located a few miles away from Baguio City. It can be reached just by riding a jeepney which may take 15-30 minutes depends on how heavy the traffic is. La Trinidad, aside of being the place where strawberry grows has also a beautiful gem for mountaineers. Mt. Kalugong is located just a few miles away from the strawberry farm. 

Chasing waterfalls, Mountain Hiking, Watching Sea of Clouds, and Rice Terraces only in Bakun Benguet: A seamless place for adventurers

Baguio City is known to be the summer capital of the Philippines. Lots and lots of tourist from a different corner of the Philippines are coming to explore Baguio and to experience its coldness. Last year, when I had a vacation in Baguio with my college friends from Cebu, we weren't able to explore Baguio much since we only have 2 days at that time.

Mines View, Baguio City

It's been almost 3 months since I left Cebu. I left Cebu because of too much heartache. HAHAHAHA Char lungs! I left Cebu and move here in Baguio because I like Baguio and the weather is perfectly imperfect. This article should be written and posted supposedly months ago but since poor man ko diris Baguio (no laptop and other resources and also busy), so, therefore, I can't post just easy as that. I even just used my phone in creating and posting this HAHAHA it's too difficult kaya to access and navigate Blogspot using a phone.

Burnham Park, Baguio City 

San Carlos Heights, Baguio City

When I came here, I have no idea where to go and where to live, despite of searching room for rent online before coming here. Luckily, I got this friend who I asked for a little favor, Rhex. One thing that I can say about Igorots,

Conquering the Perfectly Green Landscape in Alicia Bohol: Binabaje Hills

Bohol, as we all know, is a popular tourist destination all over the world because of its natural beauty and white sand beaches. Surely, we are all familiar with what are these spots in Bohol, right?

Binabaje Hills, Alicia Bohol

A little thing about Binabaje Hills

One of these spots is the Binabaje Hills which is located in the municipality of Alicia. This was discovered a year ago if I'm not mistaken. Numbers of major events such as trail run took part in this place.

Laag Bisaya

Laag Bisaya

Binabaje Hills is actually in our wish list. I conquered Binabaje with Char, Cherry, John, Rell, Lin and her cousin. Basically, Char, Cherry, Rell and John went to Bohol together while Lin and her cousin followed on the next day.