Exploring Balamban's Hidden Paradise

Life is like an adventure. Sometimes we go high or down, we can encounter beautiful things or worst but no matter how tough the trail is our adventure must go on until we came to the peak wherein we can see the beautiful things in every angle.

In trekking you need to be in the right way so that you'll be able to come in the right place. 'Twas a sunny morning when we went to Balamban with Ness and Zaza via Ayala vhire terminal. It was our first time to visit the place. A day before we went in Balamban I asked Charlyn my friend and my house mate in Ramos if we can stay in their house and if we can wander together. Then she said okay, so we stayed in Charlyn's place for one night, we met here mother, father, sisters and the adorable kid Hakim. We had our adventure in Balamban not just in one place but 4. Charlyn asked her sister to used her car so that we can have a free ride, luckily Charlyn's sister has no problem in it. She is also funny and will just go with flow also a "laagan" like us. We went the to very known Adventure Cafe, supposedly we will try the zip line however due to strong wind the management force to suspend the operation that day. 

JVR Island in the Sky - Balamban

After we went to Adventure Cafe, we went to JVR Island in the sky - the hanging bridge. It was amazing, we had fund in there, taking moments and photos. From the bridge we can see the overlooking of the mountains in Balamban and Mt. Kanlaon in Negros.
West 35

Right after our adventure in hanging bridge we went to West 35 few miles from JVR Island to eat our lunch. The place is absolutely amazing, their pizza and lemonade is perfect. I would highly suggest to try their very tasty lemonade when you go to West 35. Its fresh from their garden and also their fresh salad. We also had fun in the place, we did played in their adventure section. 

Take nothing but picture. Leave nothing but foot prints.
After taking photos and eating we went to Charlyn's house then later on we went to Pig-ot falls, it was just a small and unknown falls somewhere in Canso X. We had our river trek going to Pig-ot Falls. Canso X is also perfect for adventure and camping but I don't have much information about it because we just passed by in the place went to Pig-ot falls. They call it Pig-ot because its just a small falls and had a limited width in other words the falls is so "pi-ot" or "masikip" (pig-ot). It was like 10-15 minutes walk from Canso X.

Canso - X Adventure Park
After we went to Pig-ot falls Ness, Zaza and I had a little picture taking or like a photography thingy lol. I edited the photo using Adobe Photoshop. Then back to Charlyn's place.