Mesmerizing Mt. Lanigid and Traverse to Malingin Stone Ark

Mt. Lanigid is not so popular mountain unlike Mt. Manuggal, Osmeña Peak and other mountains in Cebu.  Mt. Lanigid and Malingin Stone Ark in Brgy. Mulao is very common in Liloan to its beautiful view and  stunning rock formation. The place is also a historical, according to Ate our guide, there were group Filipino civilian who were ambush by Japanese long time ago. This was happened during the Japanese occupation in the Philippines.

It was around 11:00 am when we arrived in Liloan public market, so before we ride a habal-habal we bought foods first since we are planning to eat our lunch in the peak. From Liloan highway, we ride habal-habal for 60.00 php per head, it was like 20-30 minutes travel from Liloan highway to Brgy. Mulaw (Mt. Lanigid and Malingon Stone Ark).

When we arrived in the place, we went to Brgy. Hall for registration, there was 5.00 or 10.00 registration fee if I am not mistaken. Since no one can guide us, ate from brgy hall was the one who guide us going up. The way up is very steep, I guess I got the reason why they call is Mt. Lanigid it's becasue there were a lot on hikers "na naligid sa" mountian. Lol.  The trek from the starting point to the peak is just like 20-30 minutes (the reason why others call it pabebe climb) but the trail going up is so steep and has limited branches to hold on. I would suggest to bring your own stick if you want to do hiking in Lanigid, it will help you a lot.

Mt. Lanigid Peak

The peak of Mt. Lanigid is perfect for over night camping. At the  top of the mountain you can see the beautiful overlooking of Liloan City and mountains in other places like Mt. Manunggal in Balamban. We didn't stay in the peak for a long time since we had a plan to go to Malingin Stone Ark a place nearby in Mt. Lanigid. We just took pictures, eat our lunch at the peak then descend back to Brgy. Hall.

Malingin Stone Ark

Malingin Stone Ark

From Brgy. Hall we went directly to Malingin Stone Ark. It was called Maligin Stone Ark I thik because of the a big stone that has a circle formation. Malingin is a cebuano word means something that is circle in shape.

Malingin Stone Ark

When we got into the place it was kinda amazing seeing those big rocks with differen forms. It was like a movie  titled The Hobbit, doing river trek. It was kinda freaking hot that time, so when I see a water on the river I literally jump in. Lol.

Malingin Stone Ark

We keep wandering the amazing place. Ate told us something tales about the place and she told us that the place is kinda freaky during rainy days due to flood or strong current of water.

Here's how we go to Mt. Lanigid and Malingin Stone Ark:

From Liloan Market we ride habal-habal to Brgy. Mulao - 60.00 php per head (one way)

- bring foods, water and extra t-shirt
- bring your stick or sun block if you have sensitive skin