Maloray Dalagute : Hundred Foot Drop Cliff in Kandungao Peak

Doing an adventure in the mountains is not that easy. You have to be brave to face all the trails or consequences you may encounter during the activity. It was rainy early morning when we went to Dalaguete Cebu via Cebu South bus terminal. The place is breath taking and so beautiful even if we haven't got in peak yet. In this adventure, I met 2 new person which is my friend's friend, Jeremy an American national and JC a Cebuano. We walk together and had a small talk.There was a registration area wherein you have to write your name and some important details about your for retrieval purposes or for emergency purposes. There will be a local that will offer their service to be your guide up in the mountains. I would highly suggest to ask a Brgy. Tanod to be your guide just to make sure and the good thing is that they won't ask any amount for the tour fee, its up to you how much you wanna give to them.  From the start of the trail you will be walking in the 200+ steps in stairs then after that you will be passing in a farm that is full of green vegetables.

It was like more or less 1 hr trek from the starting point. We need to rest like every other 5 minutes because the way going up is very steep from the starting point. When you finally arrive in the peak, you can definitely say whooaaa, the view is absolutely stunning, very airy and to cold.

Kadungao Peak

You will have 360 degree view in the peak. Please take extra careful in the place because when we went there I fell in a not so deep cliff. I got 3 wounds due  pointy rocks, I am so thankful of Rachelle's back pack who saved my head and back in banging those pointy rocks. When I fell, I felt nothing, totally nothing I cant even think of anything or say any words.

Me before I fell in the not so deep cliff

The reason why I fell its because I seat in the cliff with the heavy back pack and with the cross leg positioned. I wasn't able balance the weight of my back pack when I stood up the reason I fell. Basically, the back is the reason why I fell but it was also the reason that my head and back is safe. We take extra time for me to rest because I got muscle cramps both left and right leg. That was not my first time to do trekking though its just that I encountered the worst accident in the mountain. Parang love lang kasi yang accidente dumating sa hindi inasahang panahon. Lol insert #hugot. hahha

Kandungao Peak

Later on, we continue our trek going to the very peak of the mountain, there you really need to be extra careful because the cliff is very high and if you fall you will never be alive.

Kandungao Peak

We also went to the not so big cave that is full of stalactite and stalagmite but if your guide is not a Brgy. Tanod much better if you wouldn't go there because teh way down is to steep and to dangerous. We stay in the peak for about 30 mins and we also eat our lunch in the peak. We descend around 2pm and went back to Dalaguete proper. The travel from Dalaguete proper to Canduangao peak will take almost an hour, it is far compared to Osmenia Peak though.

Here's how we went to Candungao peak:

Ride ride a bus going to Dalaguete 8:00am - 130.00 Php per head
Motorbike from Dalaguete Proper to Candungao - 300.00 per head (round trip)
Tour guide fee - Kuya Brgy. Tanod, he didn't ask for any amount but we gave him 200.00 

1. Bring Towel
2. At least 1-2 liter water
3. Pocari sweat or salt 
4. Extra shirt
5. Foods (ready to eat food)