Danao City: Chasing the Splendid 360 view in Mt. Manghilao

Mt. Manghilao with side trip to Durano Eco Farm

If Osmenia Peak in the southern part of Cebu is known to be the highest peak in the South, then I think Mt. Manghilao is the highest peak in Northern part of Cebu though it not yet confirmed. Mt. Manghilao is not that famous unlike Osmenia Peak, Mt. Manuggal and other mountains but in Mt. Manghilao you can see the beautiful over looking of Danao City. 

Mt. Manghilao is located in Coastal part of Danao City, few miles from Danao proper. It was a perfect day when my friend Char went there with her friends also (a certified mountaineers), from SM City Cebu we ride a vhire going to Danao City. When we arrived in Danao proper we bought our foods first for lunch and also water. Char and Jenn already knew the place so we just ask the "habal-habal" driver to bring us to Mt. Manghilao. When we arrived in the starting point we ask some local where is the way go up to Manghilao they give us direction but we're not pretty sure if we are on the right way. Luckily there were these 3 kids passing by so we ask them if they can guide us going up. We met Dave a 12 years old one of our guide in our day hike to Mt. Manghilao. Dave is kinda amazing and friendly, he told us something about the place and etc. Also his cousins, the younger one's show us something that is not really different but it's different how they use it. 

They show us the shell or the snail, when we saw it its just a regular snail but for them its a food. They call it "takgong", they also show us the other kind of snail the poisonous one, it has a white shell and has a yellow liquid like phlegm. They cook the snail and they said that the flesh is like a chicken.

It was like 45 minutes to 1 hour trek from the starting point. The trail going up is just like our regular path back home, its not that difficult. Me and the two kids arrived in the peak first while Char and her friends arrive a minute after. We took rest in the peak, took pictures and ate our lunch. 

Dave told us that there is a cave in the lower back part of the peak however one of our colleague insisted not to go down there since the way down has full of itchy grasses. We descend around 1:00 pm then going to Danao City. During our day hike we decided to have a side trip to Durano Eco Farm, from Danao City we ride a jeepney going to Carmen. 

From Metro Mall in Carmen we ride motorbike going to Durano Eco Farm it was like 10-15 minutes travel from high way to Durano farm. We just paid the entrance for 80 per head, we didn't get any table or cottage since we just stay there for a short time. It was actually my 3rd time going to Durano Eco Farm, first, I was with my colleagues from Collections Department in Castle Payday and second time was with my colleagues from JPmorgan Chase Bank. Around 5:00pm we descend back to Carmen proper then ride a bus back to Cebu proper.

Here's how we go to Mt. Manghilao:

8:00 am going to Danao City via SM City Cebu vhire - 50.00-80.00 php per head (I forgot)
10:00 am going to Mt. Manghilao (motorbike) stating point - 100.00php per head
11:00 am going to Mt. Manghilao Peak
12:00 nn arrived in the peak
1:00 pm descend to starting point
2:00 pm going to Danao proper (100.00php per head)
3:00 pm going to Carmen (15.00 per head)
3:20 pm going to Durano Eco Farm (100.00php per head and 60.00 entrance fee)
5:00 pm going back to Carmen Proper 100.00php per head)
5:30 pm going back to Cebu City via Series bus 80.00 per head.

You can rich Dave when you are planning to have day hike in Mt. Manghilao at +63 905 826 4970
Things to bring:
1. Bring at least 1 liter water.
2. Extra shirt
3. Umbrella and sunblock if you want
4. Ready to eat food