Celestial Garden -Banawa

 Banawa Heights - Good Shepard and Celestial Garden

It was 3:30 when CM called me and said that  we will go to Banawa Heights to chase sunset. We meet at Cebu Capitol building then from there we ride a jeepney going to Banawa. It was like 10-15 minutes walk going up to Sister's of the Good Shepard in Banawa Road.

Louren is so hurry going to the Celestial Garden where we chase the sunset, so CM and I took a picture quickly then went to the park. Unfortunate, when we arrive in the park it was raining a little but still we enjoyed our time there, we  had a little picnic taking photos but no sun set.

During night you can see the over looking of the Cebu City. It was cool and amazing. We descend back to Banawa heights via Convergys around 6:00 pm.

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Sisters of Good Sheppard and Celestial Garden map - Banawa Cebu City