Exploring Bohol and Its Natural Beauty

During Cebu's Sinulog Festival this year 2017, me and my friends (Louren and CM) decided to go out of town or out of Cebu. On a rainy morning after our shift's, we went to Bohol via Tagbilaran  City - Ocean jet.

Plaza Rizal

When we arrived in Bohol we visited Plaza Rizal that was full of pigeons. They are amazing and they love to eat pop corn and peanuts. When you feed them they will literally flying and be scratching your skin. Note, if you have sensitive skin I would highly suggest not to bring any food in the plaza to avoid calling their attention. Lol

Plaza Rizal

Panglao  Island - The Buzz Cafe

From Plaza Rizal we quickly went to Panglao  Island, we just take a walk in the seashore near Henan Resort. We eat our lunch at The Buzz Cafe, we ate the fresh salad with petals of a flower, yes it's literal petals of a flower. I was amazed because that was my first time eating fresh salad with petals lol, love fresh salad though.

The Buzz Cafe

After we eat our lunch we went to bus terminal near ICM Mall to ride a vhire going to Garcia Hernandez, we stayed at Charice's house. We met her mother for the first time and she was amazing and funny.

Can-umantad falls in Candijay 

One of our plans is to go to Can-umantad falls in Candijay so first thing in the morning we ride a jeepney going to Duero Public Market. From Duero we ride another jeepney going to Guindulman. From Guildolman we ride another jeepney to Candijay. From Candijay proper we need to ride a motorbike going to Can-umantad falls, it was like 10-20 minutes travel from highway Candijay. It was a kind of a long ride though but every sweat is worth it when you arrived in Can-umantad falls and Rice Terraces. The travel from Garcia Hernandez to Can-umantad Falls is more likely 2 hours or less.

Can-umantad Falls

was a 25 php entrance fee in the place. We eat our early lunch there, I would recommend to try their "halang halang" made of native chicken. It was so delicious and yummm. I would suggest to ask for a tour guide for your own safety especially when you are planning to go swimming.

Can-umantad Falls

Candijay's Rice Terraces

Before you can see the beauty of the falls you have to get rid of hundred steps of the stairs going to the highlight. It was so tiring and air consuming walk when you are not used to walk in that kind of trail. But when you arrive in the falls everything is worth it. The waterfall and the rock formation is so stunning and amazing.

The rice terraces is also amazing, unfortunately, when we went there they just planted the rice so its not green yet. From the peak, you can see the overlooking of the stunning rice terraces. I can't even imagine how beautiful it is when the rice is green or fully grown.

From there we went back to Guindulman and from Guindulman to Anda. We stayed our night in J&A Travelers Inn for 1000.00 php. We're so lucky that time because the town and the owner are celebrating their annual feast also a Sinulog so we had free dinner in the place.

After our dinner, we went to the white sand beach - Anda the Boracay, my friend Ann and Louren had a small drink, CM is busy browsing internet and doing ladies thing and me is busy in swimming lol. CM's brother and I had a night swimming on the beach. It was so nice and amazing.

Anda de Boracay 

The following day we went back to Anda de Boracay for the picture taking unfortunately it was low tide so we never had a picture of the white sand beach with the water on it. 

Anda de Boracay

Cabagnaw Cave Pool

We also went to Cabagnaw Cave pool and I was surprised to see its natural form, you need to literally jump over so that you can swim under the cave pool but I didn't jump in because it's too scary. Instead, we used the newly made ladder to go down in the pool. The entrance fee is 50 per head, it's kinda expensive but they explained that it's for the maintenance of the ladder. The water is mixed with salt water, it was 15-20 feet estimated height from the ground. We are unfortunate because it was rainy when we came there so that water is not that clear.

Cabagnaw Cave pool

After our adventure in Anda de Boracay and Cabagnaw Cave pool we went back my friend's place, from Anda we ride a tricycle for 30.00 per head to Guindulman then from Guindulman we ride Series Bus going back to Garcia Hernandez. We spent at least an hour in a spring pool somewhere in Jagna.

Later afternoon we went back to Tagbilaran City via vhire, we need to catch up our scheduled trip at 6:30pm back to Cebu City Monday evening

Here's how we went to the place we had in Bohol:

DAY 1 - Panglao - Tagbilaran - Garcia Hernandez
ETD 10:45 amP800.00 From Cebu City we ride Ocean Jet going
to Tagbilaran (Ticket is roundtrip)
ETD 01:30 pm From Plaza Rizal, we went to Panglao.
Its a free ride from my friend's friend car
P200.00 Lunch at Buzz Cafe
ETD 02:30 pm From Alona Beach Panglao we went Tagbilaran Bus terminal
ETA 03:20 pm Tagbilaran Bus and vHire Terminal
ETD 04:00 pmP100.00 Finally, after waiting for the vHire to filled in with passenger
ETA 05:00 pm Arrived at Garcia Hernandez_stay overnight at CM's Place
DAY 2 - Going to Candijay
Note: from Tagbilaran terminal, you can just ride a vhire going to Guindulman then a tricycle to Anda, if you're planning to go to Anda de Boracay directly. Or if your destination is direct to Candijay, you can just ride a vhire from Tagbilaran Terminal to Candijay.
ETD 0:00 amP20.00 From Garcia Hernandez to Duero
ETD 08:35 amP10.00 From Duero to Guindulman
ETD 09:00 amP20.00 From Guindulman to Candijay
ETD 09:30 amP100.00 From Candijay national road to Can-umantad Falls
60.00 per head but since we ask the driver to wait for us
they ask additional 40.00 (200.00 round trip)
P100.00 Lunch is 100.00 per head (try the halang halang it's amazing)
11:00 am - 3:00 pm Lunch, Strolling, and picture taking
ETD 03:00 pm Leaving Can-umantad
ETA 03:45 pmP30.00 Candijay National Road to Guindulman_via Series Bus
ETD 04:15 pmP30.00 From Guindulman to Anda_via Tricycle
ETA 04:45 pm Arrived at Anda Public Market
ETA 05:00 pmP1000.00 Check in a J&A Travellers Inn room is good of 4pax for P1000.00
07:00 pm - 9:00 pm Wander Anda Beach and night swimming
DAY 3 - Anda de Boracay - Cabagnaw Cave Pool
ETD 07:00 amP150.00 From Anda we went to Cabagnaw Cave Pool
(150.00 roundtrip tricycle for 5 pax)
ETA 07:15 amP50.00 Swimming at Cabagnaw Cave pool
ETD 08:15 am Going Back to Anda
ETA 08:30 am Clean-up and Pack all the things and getting ready to exit
ETD 09:00 amP30.00 From Anda to Guindulman
ETD 09:45 amP50.00 From Guindolman to Jagna_via Series Bus
ETA 11:00 am Arrived at Jagna Proper
ETD 11: 10 amP50.00 From Jagna Proper to (Spring pool - I forgot the name)
ETA 11:30 am arrive at Spring pool_Lunch, Swimming
ETD 03:00 pm Getting ready and went back to Jagna Proper
ETA 03:20 pmP7.00 Arrived at Garcia Hernandez_Tricycle P7.00/head
ETD 04:00 pmP100.00 From Garcia Hernandez to Tagbilaran Bus Terminal
ETA 05:00 pm Tagbilaran Terminal
ETD 05:10 pmP7.00 Going to Tagbilaran Proper via Jeepney
ETA 05:20 pmP100.00 Dine inn
ETA 05:45 pm Tagbilaran Port_check in
ETD 06:30 pm Going back to Cebu City
Estimated budget was more or less 2000.00 including foods.