Apo Island: A Total Package for Perfect Unplanned Getaway

Traveling is a perfect a way of collecting memories, having an awesome experience, having new friends and for others, its a way of moving on from one thing to another.
There were some instances wherein our organized travel will be ruin, for instances, an unexpected weather. As we all know, not all the time that the weather can be our friend, sometimes the weather is our secret enemy.

My friends (Zaza, Ness, and Judy)will supposedly go to Camiguin Island to explore its majestic spots, however, due to bad weather condition, they have no choice but to change the plan.  It was cold morning when my friends Ness and Zaza called and asked to go with them to Dumaguete. With no plan and almost empty pocket, I go with them and just enjoy the travel. 

Apo Island

At 2:00 pm the same day we ride series bus direct to Dumaguete City. We stayed in El Oriente resort for 1000.00 Php per night, standard room

It was a rainy night when we arrived in Dumaguete City so I can't exactly describe the place. From bus terminal we ride a tricycle to El Oriente where we stayed overnight. Supposedly, we will go stay at Vintage Inn, however, they are fully booked that time. 

Before lights off, we did some research about tourist spots nearby, then we found an article about Apo Island.  We did a quick research about it next day morning, we went to the place.

Apo Island

Basically, we travel few miles away from Dumaguete proper. The travel from Dumaguete proper to Dauin takes more or less 30-45 minutes via jeepney for 20.00 Php.

When we arrive in Dauin port, we directly arranged our transportation going to Apo Island and unexpectedly, 2 foreigners approach us and ask if we can share the same boat. So yea, we hire the boat for 3000.00 PHP with maximum  6 passengers.

Dauin Port - Dauin Negros Oriental

Apo Island

Before we ride going to Apo Island we bought foods first as per advice by the local for there is no food on the Island.  While riding the boat, you can enjoy the panoramic view of  Negros Oriental and surely, will be amazed and wowed with the majestic view of the Apo Island and Negros Oriental.

The island is absolutely stunning but don't expect a fine white sand there. The first thing we did upon arrival was to go to the registration area wherein you have to pay the entrance fee which is 100.00 per head. 

Apo Island

Apo Island

You can rent swim gear (i.e snorkeling, goggles, life jacket for 100.00 PHP per item) for those who don't know how to swim but it advisable to use a swim gear especially life jacket for your own safety. If you are not tight in terms of budget, you can rent a cottage for 300.00 Php. But we didn't rent for a cottage since we just left our things on the shore, the place is kinda expensive but as a traveler experience can't be paid by money. The negative part we've experienced in the place is that almost all move you have is payable.

Apo Island

It was kinda frustrating but fun when I found out that the three ladies, my friends, don't know how to swim. They didn't even trust the life jacket they are wearing so as the person who knows how to swim, me and Kuya tour guide assisted them going to the snorkeling area.

I don't have any idea that there were heaps of sea turtles living in the protected area I just thought that there is only 2 or 3 small sea turtle living. But when I swam, I was surprised to see a big and stunning turtle. I was so amazed and wowed because that was my first time seeing those creatures at a very close distance. I almost tempted to hug them, however, it's strictly prohibited.  Basically, no one is allowed to swim very close the sea turtles and touch them so that the creature will not be disturbed. 

Apo Island

As per regulation and for everyone's safety, all tourist are advised to go back to Dauin before 4 pm because the current will get stronger during sun set. We went back to Dauin and take a bath at the post and watch their Sinulog festival. From Dauin we went back to El Oriente Resort where we stayed. 

Apo Island

The experience we had in Apo Island was a total package knowing that its unplanned and we have no idea with the whole place.  Seeing those stunning sea turtles made our adventure so amazing.

Can you stay overnight on the Island?

Yes, there's an organized place/ travelers inn where you can stay overnight. Not so sure if they will allow anyone to do camping.

Here's how we went to Dumaguete City to Apo Island:

  • From South bus terminal, we ride a bus direct to Dumaguete. 
  • ETD 3:00 pm - going to Dumagute (235.00 ph + 70.00 for the Roro (ship)) 
  • ETA 7:00 pm - arrival in Dumaguete Bus terminal (it was a long trip because that time the Town of Carcar celebrating their annual feast that causes the heavy traffic) 
  • ETA 7:10 pm - going to El Oriente Resort (tricycle 70.00 for 4 pax)
Next day we went to Apo Island we ride Jeepney.
  • From Dumaguete proper to Dauin (30-45 minutes) - 20.00 per head 
  • Highway Dauin to Dauin port (2 minutes) - 8.00 per head (just a walking distance)
Boat rental:  3000.00 Php for 6 pax and 4000.00 Php for 8 pax.
  • From Dauin port to Apo Island it takes 20-30 minutes 
  • Entrance fee - 100.00 Php per head 
  • Swim gear - 100.00 php per item 
  • Cottage - 300.00 php

  1. Book your room first before going to Dumaguete so that you can select an affordable accommodation. 
  2. Bring your own foods, water, and sunblock before going to the Island. 
  3. The lady in the ticketing area for pump boat is kinda freaky so just please bear with her. lol 
  4. You can just walk from port to Highway Dauin vice versa. 
  5. Do not hesitate to ask if you're in doubt.
Estimated budget was 2500.00 php.

Surely, there are no laws that would prevent you from doing something or fun activity as long as you do not disturb others or hurt nature and environment, Yes?

Enjoy your day and let your worries go away even for just a day!