Siquijor Island : A 24 hours and Budgeted Adventure with so much Fun and Great Experience

Every working person deserves a little break and even those who have no work at all claiming to have their break also. Lol. Being a full-time student and full-time employee can be very stressful, I can say because that's what I am doing right now. You're wondering how I manage the stress I had every day, well, just simply Laag to where I want "in my dreams" lol, inhale fresh air and wander in a placing that I've never been visited. There's a lot of places in region VII that you may want to wander without heaps of expenses. It is actually not necessary to have a fancy laag just to relax.

About Siquijor Island

Siquijor Island is a bewitched place according to others but I don't have further information about it because, to be honest, I don't care. When you hear about Siquijor, something thing came out to your mind is about the fantasy of horror things, right? We'll if that's what you think then you are absolutely wrong.


Siquijor Island is just a small island that is full of magnificent nature spots. It is located in Region VII of the Philippines, the nearest City in this not so big island is Dumaguete City. There are heaps of beautiful, nerve breaking and stunning places in Siquijor. Among the places that I've wandered, so far, Siquijor is the best.

Siquijor does not have an airport with scheduled services yet. We can only reach the island via ferries. The current/nearest airport is in Dumaguete City, a short ferry ride away. The main air hub of the region and the only one with international flights is in Mactan-Cebu International Airport in Metro Cebu. Siquijor Island can be reached via ferries also from Cebu City to Dumaguete City then ferry to Siquijor Island. There is also another ferry from Bohol to Larena, Siquijor..

Dumaguete Port to Siquijor

Dumaguete Port

We arrived in Dumaguete City around 4 am, then we fall in line to buy the ferry ticket to Siquijor Island. I and my friends are so excited to come to  Siquijor Island to explore its wonder. But before we came to the Island, we contacted someone there to help us arrange our transportation and all. Kuya Gil, the good and approachable man who help us in all way and be our driver and tour guide as well.

Top sights in Siquijor Island

St. Francis de Assisi Church

St. Francis de Assisi Church

Stunning photo from my friend's wall in Instagram.

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This was the very first spot that we saw since this is just a walking distance from the port and from tricycle terminal. St. Francis de Assisi Church is one of the oldest church in Siquijor. I don't have a detailed photo of the church since we just passed by there and took a photo just at the very front of the church.

Siquijor Boulevard

Siquijor Boulevard

Before, it was just a signage that says "I love Siquijor" but now it becomes the land mark in the Island. Most of the tourist took a photo there as a proof that they're really in and love Siquijor Island. We'll if you will go to Siquijor you will definitely fall in love with the place.

Paliton Beach

Paliton Beach

It is wide and sandy beach and shallow waters that offer relaxing environment and fun activities to do. In Paliton beach,  you can feel the tranquility that you can never find in the city. Kuya Gil told us that there will be more guest visited the place during the afternoon (tourist or local). So, were lucky because when we came in the place we are the only group wandering the beach.

Paliton Beach

Paliton beach is a public beach no entrance fee at all, you can do camping, snorkeling and maybe boating. It is a public place so be a responsible wanderer, take nothing but picture and live nothing but foot prints.

Capilay Spring Park

Capilay Spring Park
The next spot we went was The Capilay Spring Park, it is located right beside the high way and in the center of a park. I don't exactly know if it's nice to go swimming there but you may try. There were also high numbers of visitors that will come and enjoy the place, mostly, they do a family picnic.

Century-Old Enchanted Balete Tree

This 400-year-old tree in Lazi is located along the main road in Barangay Campalanas. It has beautiful hanging vines and roots and it's believed to be enchanted.

Enchanted Balete Tree

Right next to it there’s a small pool where you can dip your feet and enjoy a free feet spa session. It was kind of exciting but scary seeing those big fishes in the pool, it looks like they will bite your small toe off.

The site has caretakers maintaining the cleanliness of the place and selling some snacks, drinks, and souvenirs. They also keep a baby monkey in a tiny cage who stole my friend's summer shades. There were also some animals living in a mini zoo.

The coffee shop

The next place that we went was the newly constructed coffee shop wherein you can see the beautiful over looking and panoramic view of Siquijor sea. It was kind of relaxing place and airy, perfect for coffee during the early morning.

St. Isidore Church

St. Isidore Church

The San Isidro Labrador Parish Church (Spanish: Iglesia Parroquial de San Isidro Labrador), commonly known as Lazi Church, is a Roman Catholic church in the municipality of Lazi, Siquijor, Philippines within the jurisdiction of the Diocese of Dumaguete. This is also another oldest Catholic church in Lazi Siquijor and full of real life history.

Cambugahay Falls

Cambugahay Falls is the most popular falls among the falls in the Island.  It was 3 layered falls and in the very first stage, there was this attractive swing. Every tourist must try this swing made by wagon. You'll be passing to the hundred steps of stairs before you came to the falls, so please be ready and warm yourself up. Lol.

Cambugahay Falls

When we came in Cambughay Falls we try first the swing, at first, I find it difficult for the ladies because they don't know how to swim but with the help of our guide they were able to do the swing thing at their very best lol. It was fun, scary and exciting (mixed emotion). Scary because I'm not used to jumping on a cliff, though it was just a very short cliff. We really enjoyed and had a fun experience in Cambugahay Falls.

Salagdoong Beach Resort

Salagdoong beach is a very popular beach in Siquijor. It's owned and under the management of the government there. They will accommodate overnight stay since they have heaps of rooms available, however, I don't know much about their pricing. Salagdoong Resort has been surrounded by well-maintained forest, they call is Salagdoong Forest.
Salagdoong Beach Resort
Salagdoong Forest

There were lots of fun and exciting activities to do that you may want to experience in Salagdoong beach such as kayaking, scuba diving, snorkeling, cliff jumping and much more. When you will come to Salagdoong, I would highly suggest to bring your own gears (i.e snorkeling, floats and etc) because I'm not pretty sure if the resort has these gears for rent and also just to save money.

Salagdoong Beach Resort

My favorite part of this resort is the cliff jumping. The cliff jumping site is located in a separate islet in which the back part has crystal clear water. So deep that you can see the stones and corals in the deep of the water. The water is so charming and it's like they're calling you swimming with them.

While we are in the islet, we just took photos, doing dab pose since we don't have a planned to jump into the nerve breaking cliff jumping. After taking the photos, we watched the guest who did the jumping thing and while watching, it comes up to my mind and realizes, why I won't jump in when in fact most of the jumpers are ladies and children (local children). If they could then why I can't. 
Salagdoong Beach Resort

Later on, a minutes after arguing with myself and I, I finally jump in. It was very easy to jump but the feeling is scared to death and nerve breaking since it is very high from the jumping board. In the video, it may look like short, since the camera was on the top, so we'll have a top view.

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During my first jump, I find it severely fun and amazing and I actually jumped in 5 times. Yes, it was damn 5 times, my balls are good, they're great. Lol!

Tip, when jumping please positioned your legs properly especially for the males to secure your balls. Lol

Guiwahon Spring Park

We didn't stay long in Salagdoong beach since we need to go back to Cebu City the same day. Kuya Gil also brought us to Guiwahon Spring Park, it is a spring located in the middle of mangroves. We didn't do swimming since it was low tide when we came there. We just went to their mini bar in standing the middle of the sea.

Guiwahon Spring Park

You can do tagay and sing along with their videoke machine. One thing that is really perfect in Guiwahon Spring Park during our visit was the stunning sunset. 

The Municipality of Talingting Bay

Beautiful sunset in the bay of Talingting

Siquijor is probably the size of Camiguin, so you can go around the entire island and visit the beautiful places in just 1 day. We didn't stay long on the island since we have work during weekdays, so we came back to Cebu City the night after our day tour. Our experience on the island is extremely amazing. I wanna go back there in the future and to be honest I giggled and feel the excitement when I remembered Salagdoong cliff jumping. I love to jump again in the cliff. 


From Cebu South bus terminal, we ride a bus bound to Liloan Port (Santander), but if you can ride a bus going directly to Dumaguete, then that would be great to save money but please be advised that the bus trip going to Dumaguete is limited and I don't have the schedule for the buses going to Dumaguete either. I would suggest coming in South bus at 8 pm so that you can ride a bus bound to Dumaguete.

  • 9:00 pm - going to  Liloan Port (Santander) (200.00 Php)
  • 12:00 mid - arrival in Liloan Port (Santander) 
  • 4:00 am - going to Sibulan (70.00 php - fast craft) 
  • 4:15 am - going to Dumagute (150.00 php for 4 pax - tricycle) 
  • 6:45 am - going to Siquijor (70.00 php - Roro) 
  • 9:00 am - start of the tour (1000.00 tricycle for 4 pax) 
  • 5:30 pm - end of the tour back in the Siquijor Port 
  • 6:00 pm - going back to Dumaguete 
  • (we wander Dumaguete for a short time, we went to San's Rival, we ate tempura and balot in the boulevard) 
  • 12:00 mid - going to Cebu City (pier 1) via Pier 1 - Cokaliong (310.00 php - economy)

From Siquijor we decide to rest in the port waiting area (air conditioned) at 10 pm on board to the ship then we slept at 11 and we woke up at 6 am in pier 1 Cebu City.

Travel Tip:
  • Always ask if you're in doubt
  • Respect mother nature
  • Don't be a victim of false information as much as possible
For Multicab and Tricycle, we highly recommend Kuya Gil, contact number +63 927 496 9974. He will be your tour guide for the whole Siquijor Island Tour.
  • Tricycle - 1000 good for 4-5 persons
  • Multicab- 1800 good for 10 persons

ESTIMATE BUDGET: is more or less 1500.00 PHP (includes fares, food, and entrances) but it depends on your preference

Places we've visited:
  • St. Francis de Assisi Church 
  • Paliton Beach (no entrance fee) 
  • Capilay Spring Park (no entrance fee) 
  • Enchanted Balete Tree & fish spa (10 pesos) 
  • San Isidro Labrador Church 
  • Cambugahay falls (no entrance fee) 
  • Salagdoong Forest
  • Salagdoong Beach Resort (25 pesos) 
  • Guiwahon Spring Park (10 pesos)
  • Talingting Bay

There are still heaps of magnificent places that weren't able to wander with and also the caving. Hopefully after my class this term I will be able to go back in the Island.


I know every one of us love's adventures, so what are you waiting for come, visit and explore the wonderful island that is bewitched of beautiful spots.

Surely, there are no laws that would prevent you from doing something or fun activity as long as you do not disturb others or hurt nature and environment, Yes?

Enjoy your day and let your worries go away even for just a day!