Bocaue Peak : first time 9 hours hike

For me trekking is the best outdoor activity ever. In trekking you can absolutely see how beautiful our mother nature is. You can see how god made the earth with its beautiful creation. You can relax, breath fresh air, find the  extraordinary experience that you can never find in the city. In trekking, you can have new friends, meet locals in different places, see different mountains and rock formation.

Last year, when I was employed in ValueLabs Philippines Inc in Cebu City, I met Char and Jick who is also fun in doing mountain trekking. Char has a friends who are hardcore in mountain hiking or a pure mountaineers. Char invited me and Jick to join with them in hiking going to Napo Towers, Bocaue Peak and RCPI Towers. Ever since, I really love to join mountain hiking so I was so happy and excited when I got the invitation from Char. It was a week after I was confined from the hospital but that's not the issue since my case is just a minor issue. Me, Jick and Char agreed to meet up in Ayala PUJ terminal then we will go together to Guadalupe Church area wherein we will meet with the other group. Before I met the other group, I just thought that they are just a normal hikers but when I finally saw them it was like "whoooaaa hold on, ma OP tas out fit" because me and Jick are just wearing running shoes not a trekking shoes and a Jan sport backpack. But they don't actually care, they are good and friendly and as long as you can hike with a heart then you are good. Lol. 

Napo Towers
Napo Towers
Before we went to the starting point which is in a small village in  Sapangdaku we bought first the things that we need during trekking. As the first timers, me and Jick just bought 1 liter of water that's it. After we prepare everything in Guadalupe Church area we walked a little going to the habal-habal waiting area to ride going to the starting point. We start our hike at exact 9:00 am, it was perfect sunny day during our trekking. After most likely 30 minutes of hiking we had our first break/rest under the shed of the big mango tree, we had a small talked and knowing each other. After 5 minutes we continue our hike and we finally saw the first tower in the middle of meadows. But before we finally arrived in the first tower, we passed by a roses plantation, though when we passed in the place there were no flowers blooming yet but its kinda amazing seeing those lovely stems. The trail going up is so steep, so we had our second break under another big mango tree and a few minutes after, we continue our hike then rest. We need to rest most likely every other 5 minutes because the trail going up is so steep so basically our air has been easily drained. Lol. 

Jick, Philip and Char
Jick, Philip and Char

Napo Towers

Napo towers is just a tower for VECO electricity (Visayan Electric Company), Napo is the name of the place not the towers itself. We just passed by 7 towers out of hundred towers on the place before we arrived in a small village to eat our lunch. At the top of the mountain, we can see the overlooking of the city and other beautiful mountains. We can also see the RCPI towers in the opposite side of Napo towers.

In the middle of our hiking, there was this funny moment when a mother cow and the baby cow is the middle of the trail taking a rest. We can't just go directly because we're afraid of the mother cow , maybe she will be angry if we go near to them with her child and we can't find another way because in both side is a cliff. Luckily the mother cow is not strict (lol) as what we expected, she just let us passed by then we continue our hike. In our hike, we saw the abandoned pay-loader and I was wondering how the hell they brought the pay-loader on the top of the mountains.

We also passed by in the ginger plantation, it was amazing seeing the big plantation  though it was not fully grown yet when we went there but it was kinda amazing. After a few minutes of hiking we finally arrived in a small village where we ate our lunch and took rest.

Me and Jick had no idea that the hike will last the whole day, so when arrive in the village we just bought bread and a soft drink for our lunch. Luckily, we survived after the 7-8 hours of hiking. We slept in the sari-sari store waiting area and some of us went to gym or a basket ball court  to take rest. After an hour of resting, we prepared ourselves and  everything going to Bocaue Peak.  

It was like 1 hr and 30 minutes going up, before we finally arrived in the peak, we really had the real struggle ever. I almost crawl because the trail going up is so steep and you have nothing to hold on. We took rest every other 2 minutes to take deep breath. Lol. From the peak we continue our hike to RCPI Towers, during our trek to RCPI we encounter 4 amazing motor crosser. I was so amaze because that was my first time seeing motor-crosser in the mountains.

The trek from the small village to RCPI Towers lasted more or less 3 hours. The trial going up is not that difficult and not that steep but we had the most struggle because we are out energy (kurog tugod mode). Me and my other colleagues took a rest for a moment while others went ahead. We took a not so long rest in a small house with the overlooking of a beautiful mountains. The setting of the swing under the shed of a not so big mango tree is kinda perfect in mesmerizing past memories or planning future. Lol. But seriously the place is kinda amazingly amazing. After 15-20 minutes we continue our trek going to RCPI Towers, its just like 10-15 minutes away from the small house  to the towers though.  

RCPI Towers

RCPI Towers is owned by a private institution I think, outsiders are of course not allowed to enter the area. We just passed by then ascend to Brgy. Babag, a small village, we walked until we rich the brgy proper wherein we ride a habal-habal going to JY Square. We passed by in Temple of Lea but we didn't went inside because we're run out of time. We arrived in JY Square almost 6:00 pm. We ate at Jollibee because were craving something cold like ice cream.Lol. I really thought that on the next day I will have a hard time in walking due to muscle pain but I was surprise because I never had a "pamaol" the next day.

The adventure I had during this trekking as a first timer was totally amazing though trekking is kind of air and energy consuming but in trekking you can find the happiness and had the experiences that can't be bought by money. You can find the tranquility that you can never find in the city. Someday if I have a chance to went back, I will totally going back.

Please bring at least 2 liters of water and 1 liter of Pocari sweat or you may bring salt instead. It will really help you when your body is run out of ion thingy.  In this trek I just spent more or less 300.00 php. If you wanna go there I can go with with I still can remember the trail from Guadalupe Church > Napo Towers > Bocaue Peak > RCPI > JY Square.