Travel with bae

Being in-love is the best part of our life. Everything will be awesome if you're with your special someone. It was the 15th of this month when bae and me went to Bohol to attend the wedding of my friend, Teacher Mayette. It was actually our first time traveling together. A week before we went to Bohol I let Marissa to asked her mother and father's permission to got with me however Marissa's mother asked her to let me call her instead to asked permission for Marissa. It was kinda awkward but then I still called Marissa's mother, I told her that I will bring Marissa to our place for my friend's wedding. I was so happy when Marissa's said "okay but please take good care of Marissa". Then later on Marissa's mother ask me to called Marissa's father also, so I called Marissa's father 2 days after to ask permission then he also said yes. I assured Marissa's mother and father that she's in the good hands. I was so happy knowing that Tito and Tita trusted their daughter to me. Yay!

We left Cebu at 10:00pm on the 14th and we arrived in Bohol at 2:00am. Marissa met my older sister first Ethel in  Terminal 3 Cebu, we went to Bohol together with my sister and her friend. I am kinda excited to introduce Marissa to my mother and sister. Marissa had amazing time with mama and my nephews and nieces. We attend the wedding ceremony then went to the reception and eat lunch, it was so awkward because my friend ask me to sing the song titled "Beautiful in white".

After we went to reception we visited my grandmother, my father's mom, we talked a lot, well my lola really talked a lot and has unlimited topic. lol. We went back to Cebu at 8:00 on the same day. Marissa bought Calamay as per her friend's request. We safely arrived in Cebu around 2:00am. It was just a short period of time but we had a lot of fun. Looking forward for more travel with bae. 

A short lovely feed back from bae: