Kawasan is the most popular destination in Badian. Kawasan Falls is a must-see attraction while you’re in town, it’s a three-layered waterfall system located at Barangay Matutinao Badian. Kawasan Falls is the most popular tourist destination in the town. It is well visited by both foreign and local tourists. 

The first level of the falls is the most crowded place, it is also the place where you can see the highest waterfall among the 3 waterfalls. Before it was allowed to jump in from the very top but its now prohibited because there was a number of tourists who died for doing such adventure. 

If you are taking a bus you may inform the bus driver assistant (conductor) or the bus driver that you are going to Kawasan Falls, they know the place. In our case, we ride a bus then we stop in Badian Public Market since we visit Kansanto Spring first. From Badian Public Market we ride a tricycle for 25.00 per head going to Brgy. Matutinao where Kawasan Falls located.

You need to hike 15 to 30 minutes from the entry point in Barangay Matutinao (national highway) to Kawasan Falls. The riverbank will lead you to the very heart of Kawasan Falls. Along the way, you can view several wild tropical plants, birds etc. Kawasan Falls is surrounded by lush, green rain-forest and its magical landscape is truly a magical paradise.

At the highest accessible point of Kawasan Falls, the source can be found.  It is called Kabukalan "The Source", the fresh water rushes from a small cave and pours over the stones. We decide to go to the 3rd level since the first and second level is so crowded already. We need to hike another 30 minutes from Kawasan level 1 to level 3. I would highly suggest going to Kawasan during weekdays so that there will be fewer people in the place. Fewer people the more you enjoy the place.

If you decide to go to level 3 please take extra care because the way up is so slippery, I was even slipped during our hike and I was lucky because I didn't feel anything pain or worse case. We rent a cottage for 300 php then eat our lunch. Note, do not leave your things unattended fr there were thefts in the place as per locals.

From Cebu City, Kawasan Falls can be reached by bus right at Cebu South Bus Terminal. It will take 3 to 4 hours travel to reach Brgy. Matutinao in Badian where Kawasan Falls is located.

After Kawasan, we went Mainit Spring in Alegria an hour or half away from Badian. Mainit Spring is known for its healing hot water.  You can ride a jeepney or series bus from Badian for 25.00 per head. Then habal-habal going to Mainit Spring for 25.00 per head.

Mainit sprint has 3 pools, the biggest pool has 42.6 °C, the second is 36.1 °C and the third is 35.8  °C.