Badian Day Trip: Ang Paglukso sa Kansanto

Hello pepz!


Its been a long time since I have posted something on my blog due to a hectic schedule, 'cause you know celebrity life hahaha. Bitaw oi, I was very busy being half student and half employee but I can manage because I do believe there is no busy person, it is just a matter of balancing one's time. hehe. 

Anyways, you heard about Kawasan Falls right? I dunno where are coming from if you know nothing about Kawasan Falls lol but seriously the reason why I wrote this article is to share the experience we had in the place. When we say Badian, I am pretty sure that the first thing that will come out to your mind is Kawasan Falls right? I know right? lol.

But wait, there more! Lol. Before we went to Kawasan, our friend Beth, introduce us the spring nearby by the town proper. It was called Kansato spring. It was just 5 minutes away from Badian proper via tricycle and may take 10-15 minutes if you will going to walk to go there.  

About Kansanto Spring

Maybe some of you already heard about Kansanto Spring in Badian. Kansanto Spring is one of many water spots in the municipality of Badian, it is located in Brgy. Poblacion Badian. Before we went to Kawasan Falls we went to Kansanto spring first, it is 5-10 minutes away from Badian Public Market. 

Kansanto Spring is not quite big as what I've expected but the crystal clear water meets my expectation. I don't exactly know why they call it Kansanto but pretty sure there will be a tale behind why they call it Kansanto Spring. Anyways, we are so lucky when went there because we are the only group swimming wandering the place. The spring is not that deep and big it was like 4-5 ft if low tide, the maximum deep of the spring if high tide is 7 ft I guess.

Kansanto Spring is actually connected to the sea, as what I've observed there was a small hole with water coming out from it. It was actually from the ocean since the taste of the water was salty by 30%. I enjoyed snorkeling on the place, though it was not that nice because I can only see rocks no coral reefs under the water lol. 

There were some small fishes but there are also big one (tilapia) in the other division of the spring. Kansanto Spring is perfect for relaxation, you can stay there overnight, sing your favorite song in their very loud videoke machine. We didn't stay there for a long time since we need to go to Kawasan Falls.  They have 40.00 php entrance fee. Please take extra care because the stairs beside the spring are so slippery due to algae thing.

I, Marissa and John-al are enjoying the water while CM and Beth just seating beside the spring watching us. Of course, the laag in Badian is not complete if you will not be able to see their most popular spot, the Kawasan Falls. So from Kasanto Spring, we walked going to the national road then we ride a tricycle going back to Badian Public market to buy our foods for lunch. We ride the same Tricycle going to Kawasan for just 25.00 per head.


Guests can use their cottages for a reasonable price and free comfort room. Mates can also enjoy their karaoke machine for only 5 pesos for 2 songs. 

How to go there?

You can reach Kansanto Spring from Cebu South Bus terminal, via series bus. Just let the driver's assistant that your jump off is is skina Kansanto or Badian Proper. You can just walk from the national road to Kansanto Spring for just 5 minutes. If your jump off is in Badian proper then you may ride a tricycle for 7.00 PHP per head from Badian proper to Kansanto. You can also buy foods and drinks before going there.