Story sharing in Liloan Ibabao Mountain Resort

Working in the BPO industry is not easy especially when you are not into English thing just like me lol. Actually, even if English is not my thing but because of English I was able to survive in the chaotic world and was able to sustain my daily needs. As we all know, most of the shifts in a call center company are night or graveyard shift. Why, simply because some of the clients or customer are from the United States and we have different time zones, "so kitay mo adjust". 

There are also call center company that is supporting Australian account which is more convenient since they have day shift. Working as call center agent is one of the most stressful work as far as I know and as what I've experienced before. Stressful in a way that you have no sufficient sleep since you have to adjust your body clock for the graveyard shift, stressful in a way that there are heaps of calls and irate customers, stressful in a way that you are not happy with the environment, people around and management, stressful in way that you have a bunch of disputes during pay day, stressful in a way that you have to catch up or maintain the required metrics  and so on and so forth. 

They say call center job is just a very easy, maybe in conversing English but take note being call center agent is not only about English. You will be a technical support even if you're not IT expert, you will become a banker, compute or process bills if even if you're not an accountant, it's not easy to listen and apologize to an irate customer when you have no fault at all these are some of the things that is not easy in a BPO industry.

BPO Industry

I've been in this industry for almost 3 years and I can say that it's not an easy job, though we're just seating in front of the computer and headset put on, but we also need to consider the stressful factor that was mentioned previously. Sometimes, call center agent needs to hang out to relieve stress, some went beaching, mountain adventure, and so on. Most of the time I do mountain hiking with some of my colleague in VL Philippines Inc. I've been in VL company for almost one year but we only had a hang out together with the team once and that was boxing day, a holiday in AU and NZ.

Ibabao Mountain Resort

Ibabao Mountain Resort

Ibabao Mountain Resort is a newly-established property for those who want to relax and escape from the stressful environment in the city. Ibabao Mountain Resort is good because you can relax but not really far from the city and has less expense.

The location of this resort provides its guests wonderful views of the surrounding, nearby and distant places, including the panoramic view of Cebu and nearby towns which are visible through the sparkling lights at night.

Swimming Pool

They have one pool that can be used by both adults and children. Visitors will be being briefed or reminded about the elevation and depth of the water to make sure your safety. For safety precautions, it is advisable to wear floats for the children while playing or swimming.

Ibabao Mountain Resort

Ibabao Mountain Resort


The house that we are rented during our stay there was the only house that has a kitchen. It was bigger compared to the other house. They actually have 2 houses, good for guests who want to stay longer.

If you are into cooking just like my teammates, I would highly suggest to go book the bigger one. If you are not into cooking thing then you can just ask the resort's personnel to cook something for you for a reasonable price.

  • Big house is 2500.00
  • Smaller house is 1800.00
  • Cottages is 500.00

Ibabao Mountain Resort

Ibabao Mountain Resort Contact Details

Address: Purok Ka Canog, Sta., Cruz, Liloan, Cebu

Phone:   +63-32-316-0150, +63 95 6279 5361, +63 92 2708 9378


It is just about more or less 5 kilometers from the National Road, which is about 15 minutes from Eskina Yati to Ibabaw. A habal-habal from Eskina Yati (in front of Rulls Bakery) will charge you for 20 pesos to get to the resort.

In the end of the day we're able to vent our stress, some of my teammates vent their feelings from past "kay hubog naman" and we enjoyed the rest of the time swimming there.