Tabogon : Featuring Archt. Raagas's Rest House

G’day mate! How was your summer so far? Mine is so stressful due to a hectic schedule, char Lol. But seriously I was busy with my studies and at the same time for my work. I wanna share something about what I’ve experienced in Tabogon in the Northern part of Cebu. As we all know, living in the city during the summer season is not easy, especially when you’re stuck in the middle of the traffic, it is very stressful and can cause frustration to people around. Stressful in a way that we are experiencing a very hot season and that is why we need to hang out sometime or “kung may time”, go to a place to relax or to cool yourself down. I am pretty sure that I’m not the only one who is craving for a place to relax with magnificent cold water such as cold spring or a water falls or even sea water. But for me, beaching is not a good idea because of the very hot temperature. But of course, it will depend on your preference.


Municipality of Tabogon

Tabogon is one of the municipality under 4th district in Cebu province. It is more likely 90 kilometers away from Cebu City proper and the travel period will take more or less 3 hours depends on the traffic. One spot that I know in Tabogon is their enchanted Guiwanon Cold Spring. It is located in a few distance from Tabogon proper. Guiwanon Spring is almost the same with Ubong Spring in Dalaguete (Southern part of Cebu). The spring is connected directly to the sea and of course, the water is kinda salty and most especially the attractive and enchanted Balete tree.


Balete Tree

Balete tree (also known as Balite or Baliti) are several species of the trees in the Philippines from the genus Ficus that are broadly referred to as balete in the local language. There are heaps of freaky story about balite trees but for me, all of them are just fairy tale and was made by old folks. Guiwanon Cold Spring is 4 feet in depth when low tide and has estimated the depth of 7 feet when high tide. We went there early in the morning because we’re expecting that no guest yet during early morning but unfortunately we are wrong, absolutely wrong! A weekend trip is not an ideal time when visiting the place because there are heaps of tourists from other or different places.


Entrance fee and facilities:

You can enjoy Guiwanon Cold Spring for only 25.00 entrance fee per head and you can use their facility such as cottages for only 100.00, rest rooms for the reasonable price and if you are a fan of singing then you can also enjoy their videoke machine for just 5 pesos in every 2 songs. The enchanted set up of the place is the best part that attracts most of the people.  Tip, for safety precautions, you may wear your swimming shoes or slippers because there heaps of pointy rocks in the spring.

Stay and accommodation

Together with my co-working scholars before (Aileen, Lynelle, Jade, and Angel) in University of San Carlos, we stayed in Archt. Raagas’s rest house in Brgy. Muabog Tabogon. Tabogon is also known for its beautiful beaches, the place is absolutely stunning and has relaxing set up. You can see the beautiful overlooking of the sea right in front of the windows or in the upper part of the cliff. Well, the back part of the house is a cliff and you can see the beautiful and crystal clear water in the bottom. The cliff is a perfect set up for coffee during early in the morning while watching the sun rises.  The highlight of the place for me is the panoramic view of the sea between Isabella in Leyte and Cebu Province. Just like Salagdoong Resort in Siquijor, I ended the day jumping and doing dab pose in the cliff. Though the cliff is not that high the same as the cliff in Salagdoong but still we enjoyed jumping over and over. Lol!


Tabogon beaches are indeed amazing, for its crystal clear and blue water. It is really hard to resist the beauty of the beaches there, even if the sun is shining so bright but still, we enjoyed swimming and do snorkeling. There was actually a not so big cave in the bottom part of the cliff, however, I was advised not to go there because I might disturb the living creatures inside.

We totally enjoyed our vacation there even if it just for a day, we’re able to prepare everything we need and to cook our foods by our own. I'm so in love with set up and panoramic view of the sea from the house. It's a perfect place in mesmerizing or doing important thing.  We only had less than 300.00 expenses each since our accommodation and transportation is free of charge.