Dalaguete: The Epic Mis-Routed Laag with so much Ninja Moves

Hello. Summer is about to end so soon and I'm so thankful if it will end na 'cause its not easy to struggle everyday with the damn hot sun. Escaping from the city is everyone's desire nowadays due to high/hot temperature. We had this pretty amazing and epic trip in Dalaguete Cebu when unexpected things happened. Actually, we didn't plan for this trip and no preparation at all unlike with the other Laags.  It was our lunch time when Felimae and Jessa (my workmates) decided to go to Dalaguete. The next day, right after our shift's Friday the 5th of May we went to Southern part of Cebu. It was really my intention to go somewhere far from the City because I was so stressed after my midterm exams. You know being full time student and full time employee is not that easy. I really  need to have a life style balance the reason why I went out far from the city often times to relieve my stress. Other person can just relieve their stress just by eating something, go window shopping or etc but I'm not that kind of person unfortunately.


Municipality of Dalaguete

I don't know if you guys already heard about Dalaguete Beach Park in Dalaguete Cebu. This article is basically something about Dalaguete Beach Park and our epic ninja moves. The municipality of Dalaguete is located 84 kilometers away from Cebu City proper and the travelling time will take more or less 3 hours via sunrays or ceries bus. Guys, when you hear about Dalaguete, first thing that will come out into your mind is Osmenia Peak, I am pretty sure to that. Other stunning peak that is located in Dalaguete is Kandungao Peak. It was a few miles away from Osmenia Peak. I actually wrote a short story aboutour laag in Kandungao peak, you may check it here

Dalaguete Beach Park

In this Laag we didn't went to Osmenia Peak or any mountains in Dalaguete, we went to Dalaguete Beach Park and as per agreement we will go to Coal Mountain Resort the next morning. We spent our night in Dalaguete Beach Park, of course brought our sleeping gears (tent, pillows and etc). Before we went to the beach to set up our tent and to sleep, we stayed in Bart's Resto grill just a walking distance from the beach, to eat our dinner and we also had a budgeted drink. Lol! And of course we had so much fun in everyone's favorite part, the videoke. lol! We stayed there and had fun until 12 midnight and sooner went to Beach Park to set up our tent but the fun didn't end there because Rhona brought one bottle of RH. hahaha. We had a little drink in the beach and I took a walk in the shore. Sooner, the guys fell asleep and I am the one standing. I swum/wade in the sea around 1 am alone, its a little bit creepy knowing that someone died in the place because he/she was drowned.

Chasing sun rise

The place is really good for camping because you can definitely see the sun rise early morning. We are not the only group who wanders the place since there were also a few groups who stayed and spent their night in the beach. I don't exactly know what is the scenario during day time or during normal operation time since we left the place before 6 am. 

Entrance Fee and Facility

You can enjoy the place for only 30.00 as entrance fee. And a reasonable fee for the campers and another fee for the cottages if you will use their cottage. The place is really good since they have a very wide place and has heaps of cottages for only 300-500 depends on the size of the cottage. They have a public comfort room, it's clean and has perfect water supply.

Dalaguete Beach Park, it may looks like dirty but its not. That thing is a weeds or sea grasses washed from the deep water into the shore.

The epic part of this laag is that we did not pay anything in the place because we went there 12 midnight and we pass through the exit path. And we leave the place early in the morning, so basically we save heaps of money for this laag. Lol.

We went to a folk's house to eat our breakfast and since some of us had a hangover we slept for a while and sooner leave for Coal Mountain Resort, but before we finally leave for Coal resort, a friend of my friend chatted her and said that Coal Resort is very far from Argao proper. So before we leave  in the house, we discussed and decided either to go to Coal mountain resort or we will just go to other place. Everyone agreed to go to Alcoy then. 

How we went to Dalaguete Beach Park:

From the national highway you need to ride to this little and environment friendly cab. It is powered by electricity or Racal Battery. 
From Cebu South Bus terminal we ride sunrays for 96.00 per head, of course you can ride Series bus (air con/not air conditioned bus). I would highly suggest to ride air conditioned bus so that you can rest and sleep well while travelling. Just inform the conductor to stop near Dalaguete Beach Park.