Boljoon - Eli Rock : A man made Viewdeck with 137 steps

Escaping from the City is everyone's desire  especially when you are so stressed  from work or from whatsoever reason. There are heaps of beautiful places in Southern part of Cebu that you may want to visit  and chillax. I've been visited lots of places in the South, some are in the mountain part and some are in Beaches. 

I don't know if you guys already heard about Eli Rock in Boljoon.  The firs time I've visited Boljoon, was during our Educational tour in University of San Carlos. Boljoon church was our last stop back then. It was for Humanities subject though, we visited the old churches, from the municipality of Carcar, Sibonga, Argao, Dalaguete and finally church in Boljoon. Unfortunately, due the age of our tour I already lost the photos I had taken during the said tour.

 Eli Rock
VL Team in Eli Rock Viewdeck

The Municiality of Boljoon

Boljoon is a 5th municipal income class municipality in the province of Cebu, Philippines and is under 2nd District. According to the 2015 census, it has a population of 16,344. In the 2016 electoral roll, it had 10,216 registered voters. Boljoon has 11 barangays of which six (including Poblacion) are coastal, and the rest inland.

Welcome to Boljoon

As far as  I know there's not really popular spots in Boljoon, unlike with our the places such as beaches in Alcoy, whale watching in Oslob, beautiful peaks in Dalaguete and etc.

Discovering Eli Rock

During our tour many years ago, Eli wasn't made yet. Well, yes, Eli Rock is a man made spot. According to my research or according to an article I've read from "The local government of Boljoon decided to carve portions of the Eli Rock to address instability and prevent landslides. The town has been hosting a good number of tourists since the development."

 Eli Rock
Panoramic view of Boljoon
"ELI Rock, the mountain rock of Boljoon town that inspired protests when it was carved to stop falling rocks during landslides, is now a favorite spot that invites visitors who want a good view of the sea, the surrounding islands, the mountains and the town of Boljoon".

Fairy Tale about Eli Rock

The driver of the tricycle that we ride going to Boljoon knows a lot about Eli Rock. As per Kuya, there was a myths or a tale from old Folks, before they call Eli Rock as City of Fairies, or in the common tongue, "City sa mga Engkanto". The folks really stand to protest to stop the construction of the said place because there will be a big calamity if they do so.   

As per Kuya,  before or during his grandmother's time, they borrowed kitchen utensils in the place from the fairies if they have special occasion such as fiesta and etc. They just whisper in the air what they need and later on those things will  just appear for no exact reason. I know its bit silly but that's what they say. But Kuya told us that there was a time that those folks who borrowed things did silly things. They didn't return some of the borrowed things knowing that the fairies didn't count all the things they borrowed, they were tempted not to return those things because they are antiques. 

From that time, fairies in the said City no longer let the old folks borrowed their things. Also Kuya, told us that there we're great treasure hidden in the place that is owned by the fairies. 

This story is just a fairy tale, maybe it happens before or during the old folk's time but we are now in new generation, so its up to you to believe or not. Lol. For me, it doesn't matter as long as you love and respect mother nature then everything good to go.

Construction of Eli Rock

As per my research, the construction was started before last year's presidential election. There were lots of compliant before and during the construction, but it didn't stop the project, the construction still on progress. The limestone rock is a carved slope bench that looks like huge terraces with concrete stairs with 137 steps up the mountain. The top is still flat and rocky, but the developing process still on progress. They say, guys can do rappelling there but I'm not so sure how and if it's safe or not because when we went in the place, there is no management, no security guard or even a care taker. 

 Eli Rock

Can you do camping there?

Yes, camping is possible and surely you can see the beautiful sun rise in the place. But doing camping there might not so comfortable for the ground it too rocky, you may need a mat or yoga mat when doing camping. 

Safety first

When going up the site, please discipline yourself, DON'T be so eager to take extra adventurous photos or taking photo right beside the cliff just like what we did lol because it's too risky. The place isn't 100% safe yet. You might be so eager to take photos and etc because it's panoramic view on the top and may forgot your safety. Safety should be your first priority wherever you are.  

 Eli Rock

Eli Rock is a newly man made spot in Boljoon, wherein you can relax, feel and breath the fresh air and see the panoramic view of the island in Bohol, Siquijor and of course the beautiful town of Boljoon.

 Eli Rock

 Finding Eli Rock

Reaching this spot is not a problem, it is easy as pointing where the sun rise is. Lol. If you are coming from Cebu City, you have to go to the Cebu South Bus Terminal then take the bus bound for Oslob, then get off before Boljoon Church. You will know if you're in the place, trust me.  But, if you are worried and in doubt, just let the 'konduktor' know that you have to get off at 'Eli Rock' in Boljoon.