Bohol : Trinidad's Magnificent Kawasan Falls

Bohol, as we all know is a beautiful island and has heaps of stunning and amazing nature spots, like for example the chocolate hills, beaches in Panglao and etc. Some are man made spots like man-made forest and others. I believe that there are still heaps of hidden or maybe undiscovered but beautiful spots in Bohol. I've been in Bohol always since Bohol is my home town but to tell you honest, I'm not really good at directions and spots in Bohol because I did not traveled often to other/many places in Bohol. The spots are bloody far from our Town.

Kawasan Falls
Stunning Kawasan Falls

Bien Unido, a Spanish word meaning “well united”

I lived in the town of Bien Unido, Bohol for more than 20 years. Bien Unido is just a small town, before it was just a Barangay under the municipality of Talibon and they call Bien Unido as Brgy. Baha-Baha before. But since many family already  living in Bien Unido, they made it as Municipality or town. To tell you frankly, there is no beautiful place/s in our town that I can bragged with. Lol Except for the under water grotto. Under water grotto is located between the island of Bilang-Bilangan and Sagasa, as far as I know, the statue of Sto. NiƱo and Mother Mary is placed 18ft under water. I never tried to dive there yet or going in the area, I just saw it when it was featured in a TV show or news before.

Kawasan Falls

Do you know that not only Badian Cebu has Kawasan Falls? Bohol has also Kawasan Falls. It is  located in the Brgy. San Isidro, Trinidad Bohol, a town between Talibon, Bien Unido and Ubay and its 10 kilometers away from the national road.

The falls, a drop of water about 20 meters high off the southern cliff amidst a thick forest, forms a new contrast to the otherwise green and gloomy shade forest.

When I was there, I was really amaze to the falls with it's rock formation in the upper part. The stone craving serves a the wall of the falls, when you look it, it was stunning but a bit freaky when there's an earthquake because maybe it will collapse but we don't know, god forbid.

The place is shaded by a canopy of trees and the surrounding cliffs. From the lower level you may climb into the top through the tough way. Yes it is tough because the way up is so steep and very slippery.

Kawasan Falls is great for families or team outing  because the entrance fee is very affordable (10.00 per head) and it is not so big so everybody can just look out with everybody.

Good timing

It was a bad timing when my high school batch mates went there because t'was raining and the blue water turns into kinda brown or black water or I dunno (see photo). Lol. There we're rice field in the upper part of the falls and has clay soil, I think this is the reason why the color of the water change when raining. The best time to go there is during hot season or summer or at least there is no rain for the whole week before your visit so that the water will remains blue color.

High School Batch mates (John-Al, Buting ting, Edrino)

The nature's gift

There are several things that are FREE in this spot

Air, sun, cold water, and entrance but not anymore since they will collect a little amount just for the maintenance.

Kawasan Falls
I'm taking a serious moment here. Lol


Unfortunately, there is no room for rent in the place, wherein you can stay overnight. But I think the government officials of the place are still working or developing the place. Maybe in the near future there will be a room for those guest who who want to stay a little longer. But you can stay your night in the Pension house in the Trinidad proper or in the town of Talibon. 

Can you do camping there?

Yes, camping is possible there but I would highly suggest to bring a mat or you yoga mat for your comfort because the ground is kinda rocky so maybe you can't sleep well.

FindingKawasan Falls

Reaching Kawasan Falls is not a problem since it is known to everyone there. If you are just around Bohol, you can ride going to the Municipality of Trinidad, ride/hire a single bike to Kawasan Falls (I don't know how much would be the charge, maybe it's 200.00 or less for back and forth just try to negotiate and don't be a victim lol). If you're from Cebu City, you may ride to Tubigon (220.00 fast-craft), then from Tubigon you may ride a vhire for 100.00 per head going to Talibon. Then from Talibon you need to ride a tricycle or jeepney for 15.00 php per head.

Aside from Kawasan Falls, you can also go or visit other spots nearby, like the Batungay Cave, Sea of clouds and adventure park in Danao. I believe there are heaps of beautiful spots nearby, I just don't know them all.

Surely, there are no laws that would prevent you from doing something or fun activity as long as you do not disturb others or hurt nature and environment, Yes?

Enjoy your day and let your worries go away even for just a day!