Anda's scared to death jumping spot, Cabagnaw Cave Pool

Anda is indeed a place with beautiful and amazing spots. Though the town of Anda is pretty far from Tagbilaran City, but as previously mentioned in my other post about Candijay, the long travel is all worth it. The good thing about long travel is that you can enjoy the sightseeing with other places along the road, meet new people or friends and explore different places.

I know, today's environment is very stressful, the reason why most of the people are looking for a place to chill and stroll with.  Though long travel may need a little extra money, but one thing that I can say is that, the experience is something that can never be bought by money. It is something special that you may treasure and will last forever.

Cabagnaw Cave Pool

Cabagnaw Cave Pool

Anda, aside from magnificent white sand beach, Anda de Boracay, there is also another stunning spot that you may love to wander with. Just a few distance from Anda Public Market, there was this interesting and not so develop Cave Pool. It is located somewhere in the middle part of the meadows and coconut trees. It is not fully developed yet because the place has no fence yet for everyone's safety (both animal's and human's safety), no safety ladder for those who will go down and up.

Cabagnaw Cave Pool has a semi salty water because it is connected to the septic tank to the houses nearby hahaha haha, I'm just kidding. The reason why is the water is salty because it was connected to the sea underneath.

Cabagnaw Cave Pool

Cabagnaw Cave Pool also has a low and high tide. The beauty of Cabagnaw Cave Pool will be revealed during sunny weather. You will be wowed to the crystal clear and blue water when the weather is really good. We are unlucky because the weather is so bad during our Laag in the place.

About our Laag

Cabagnaw Cave Pool is very popular for jumping  (more likely cliff jumping), it has more likely 25-30 ft from the ground to the water. It is safe when you jump because the water is deep enough for you not to bump in into the ground. I attempt to jump in but only an attempt and ended with only attempting.Lol. Philip has no courage to jump in, so I use the stairs instead. Lol.

After a couple of minutes of enjoying the place. we went back to J&A Travellers inn to check out. We have to be in a hurry because we need to be in Jagna asap then go back to CM's house then to Tagbilaran City then Finally travel back to Cebu City.

Interesting and fun activity

Yes, one thing that I'm sure, jumping is the interesting and the only fun activity you can do in Cabagnaw Cave Pool.

How to go to Cabagnaw Cave Pool

Cabagnaw Cave pool can be reached via tricycle, from Anda Public Market we hired a tricycle for 150 PHP (back and forth) and its good for 6 persons. There was also another cave pool nearby and much more developed compared to Cabagnaw, however, due to time shortage, we never went the place.

As mentioned, Candijay and Anda is kinda far from Tagbilaran City and the travel period will take time but you can wander not just one place but many depend on your budget. Our total budget for this Laag was just 2k or less for 2 days and 2 nights.

I know everyone of us love's adventures, so what are you waiting for come, visit and explore the beauty of unfamiliar spots in Bohol. 

Surely, there are no laws that would prevent you from doing something or fun activity as long as you do not disturb others or hurt nature and environment, Yes?

Enjoy your day and let your worries go away even for just a day!


DAY 1 - Panglao - Tagbilaran - Garcia Hernandez
ETD 10:45 amP800.00 From Cebu City we ride Ocean Jet going
to Tagbilaran (Ticket is roundtrip)
ETD 01:30 pm From Plaza Rizal, we went to Panglao.
Its a free ride from my friend's friend car
P200.00 Lunch at Buzz Cafe
ETD 02:30 pm From Alona Beach Panglao we went Tagbilaran Bus terminal
ETA 03:20 pm Tagbilaran Bus and vHire Terminal
ETD 04:00 pmP100.00 Finally, after waiting for the vHire to filled in with passenger
ETA 05:00 pm Arrived at Garcia Hernandez_stay overnight at CM's Place
DAY 2 - Going to Candijay
Note: from Tagbilaran terminal, you can just ride a vhire going to Guindulman then a tricycle to Anda, if you're planning to go to Anda de Boracay directly. Or if your destination is direct to Candijay, you can just ride a vhire from Tagbilaran Terminal to Candijay.
ETD 0:00 amP20.00 From Garcia Hernandez to Duero
ETD 08:35 amP10.00 From Duero to Guindulman
ETD 09:00 amP20.00 From Guindulman to Candijay
ETD 09:30 amP100.00 From Candijay national road to Can-umantad Falls
60.00 per head but since we ask the driver to wait for us
they ask additional 40.00 (200.00 round trip)
P100.00 Lunch is 100.00 per head (try the halang halang it's amazing)
11:00 am - 3:00 pm Lunch, Strolling, and picture taking
ETD 03:00 pm Leaving Can-umantad
ETA 03:45 pmP30.00 Candijay National Road to Guindulman_via Series Bus
ETD 04:15 pmP30.00 From Guindulman to Anda_via Tricycle
ETA 04:45 pm Arrived at Anda Public Market
ETA 05:00 pmP1000.00 Check in a J&A Travellers Inn room is good of 4pax for P1000.00
07:00 pm - 9:00 pm Wander Anda Beach and night swimming
DAY 3 - Anda de Boracay - Cabagnaw Cave Pool
ETD 07:00 amP150.00 From Anda we went to Cabagnaw Cave Pool
(150.00 roundtrip tricycle for 5 pax)
ETA 07:15 amP50.00 Swimming at Cabagnaw Cave pool
ETD 08:15 am Going Back to Anda
ETA 08:30 am Clean-up and Pack all the things and getting ready to exit
ETD 09:00 amP30.00 From Anda to Guindulman
ETD 09:45 amP50.00 From Guindolman to Jagna_via Series Bus
ETA 11:00 am Arrived at Jagna Proper
ETD 11: 10 amP50.00 From Jagna Proper to (Spring pool - I forgot the name)
ETA 11:30 am arrive at Spring pool_Lunch, Swimming
ETD 03:00 pm Getting ready and went back to Jagna Proper
ETA 03:20 pmP7.00 Arrived at Garcia Hernandez_Tricycle P7.00/head
ETD 04:00 pmP100.00 From Garcia Hernandez to Tagbilaran Bus Terminal
ETA 05:00 pm Tagbilaran Terminal
ETD 05:10 pmP7.00 Going to Tagbilaran Proper via Jeepney
ETA 05:20 pmP100.00 Dine inn
ETA 05:45 pm Tagbilaran Port_check in
ETD 06:30 pm Going back to Cebu City
Estimated budget was more or less 2000.00 including foods.