Exploring Bohol's finest and white sand beach, Anda de Boracay

To wander or to stroll? Nah, its just the same. Bohol, as we all know had lots and lot of places that you may want to wander with. Our 2 days and 2 nights stay in Bohol is indeed amazing. We did visit a lot of places that you didn't hear always about Bohol.

As I've mentioned in my recent post about Eleuterio's Can-umantad Falls and Rice Terraces Resort Inc., the excitement and fun will not end in just one place.  After we wander and explore the beauty of Candijay, we went to Anda, a nearby town of Candijay Bohol.


About Anda

Anda is located in a small peninsula at the eastern tip of Bohol, 99 kilometers from Tagbilaran City. Anda has 16 barangays in total and it's under the 3rd district of Bohol. It is indeed, far from Tagbilaran City but surely you will enjoy and you will be wowed to the magnificent beauty of Anda Bohol.

 Anda de Boracay



After exploring and enjoying Candijay Bohol, we went directly to Anda, of course, to wander around. It is more likely 2 hours travel period from Candijay to Anda. Before we went to Anda, my friend contacted someone there to ask for a help for our accommodation. AS soon as we arrive in Anda Public Market, we went directly to J&A Travellers Inn wherein we stayed our night. We're actually lucky that time because the village together with owner of the Inn was celebrating their annual feast, also a Sinulog Festival so our dinner was saved. Boholano's, even if we are a total stranger in the place but still they don't hesitate to invite us together with the other guest to join their dinner, that is just how Boholano's work, they're so kind and hospitable.

J&A Travellers Inn


About Anda de Boracay

The beach is just a walking distance from the place we stayed. Anda de Boracay  is great for families or team outing  because of its wide and sandy beach and shallow waters that offers relaxing environment and fun activities to do. Good thing about Anda, is that, the place is not so crowded unlike with the other beaches that we are visited and this beach is no has no entrance fee. So, basically you can enjoy and had so much fun with the team.

Among the beaches that I have visited, Anda de Boracay is the best. Because, again its not so crowded, very clean environment, fine and white sand, wide beach, no entrance fee and zero number of pointy rocks.

Anda de Boracay


Our Laag

After our dinner, we rest a little then later on we went to Anda de Boracay just to relax, sit or lay down on the sand and hear the sounds of the waves and feel the cool breeze of the air. Most of the white beaches in Anda are not open at night. Anda is already quiet at 8PM and you will randomly see people who are strolling on the beach since the place is already dark.

The following day, we went back to Anda de Boracay for the picture taking, unfortunately, it was low tide and so cloudy, so we never had a picture with the white sand beach with the water on it. There was
actually a typhoon that landed somewhere in Luzon during our laag in Bohol, that is the reason why it was rainy.

Anda de Boracay


Can you do camping?

Yes, camping is possible on the beach if you want to pitch a tent for fun experience and budget purposes.


Interesting & fun activities

Surely, you can enjoy lots of activities on this beach. 

You can bring your own snorkeling gears, beach volleyball, Frisbee, etc.

The place is great for budget and cheap family picnic. You can pack your homemade food and drinks for a day’s party. Bring your spreads, towels, parasol, tent, folding light table, or anything you can easily carry. BUT take note, after the fun, please leave no trace, dispose your trash in the proper disposal. Be responsible stroller.

Anda de Boracay
Mr. Crab the wanderer

Anda de Boracay
VL Team, Team Bully


Finding Anda de Boracay

If you're  traveling  from Tagbilaran City, get a ride going to the Bus Terminal and get a Bus or a V-hire (GTExpress) bound for Ubay (usually with sign Boards, Jagna-Ubay), if you're not sure you can always ask the people in the terminal or ask the dispatcher. You may let the driver know that your stop is in Guindulman. From Guindulman, you need to have a ride a with a tricycle to Anda. The travel period from Tagbilaran City to Anda is roughly 3-4 hours.


Additional information

We did not just stroll Anda, we also went to another place before and after Anda. For more information, you may visit my post about  Can-umantad Falls and Rice Terraces in Candijay, these are the places that we have visited before Anda and Cabagnaw Cave pool after Anda. There is another cave pool near Cabagnaw Pool but we no longer visit the place because we are running out of time. I also had a post about this whole escapade thing, it was a very complete from the start 'til end of our laag. This post is particularly about Anda only.

Surely, there are no laws that would prevent you from doing something or fun activity as long as you do not disturb others or hurt nature and environment, Yes?

Enjoy your day and let your worries go away even for just a day!


DAY 1 - Panglao - Tagbilaran - Garcia Hernandez
ETD 10:45 amP800.00 From Cebu City we ride Ocean Jet going
to Tagbilaran (Ticket is roundtrip)
ETD 01:30 pm From Plaza Rizal, we went to Panglao.
Its a free ride from my friend's friend car
P200.00 Lunch at Buzz Cafe
ETD 02:30 pm From Alona Beach Panglao we went Tagbilaran Bus terminal
ETA 03:20 pm Tagbilaran Bus and vHire Terminal
ETD 04:00 pmP100.00 Finally, after waiting for the vHire to filled in with passenger
ETA 05:00 pm Arrived at Garcia Hernandez_stay overnight at CM's Place
DAY 2 - Going to Candijay
Note: from Tagbilaran terminal, you can just ride a vhire going to Guindulman then a tricycle to Anda, if you're planning to go to Anda de Boracay directly. Or if your destination is direct to Candijay, you can just ride a vhire from Tagbilaran Terminal to Candijay.
ETD 0:00 amP20.00 From Garcia Hernandez to Duero
ETD 08:35 amP10.00 From Duero to Guindulman
ETD 09:00 amP20.00 From Guindulman to Candijay
ETD 09:30 amP100.00 From Candijay national road to Can-umantad Falls
60.00 per head but since we ask the driver to wait for us
they ask additional 40.00 (200.00 round trip)
P100.00 Lunch is 100.00 per head (try the halang halang it's amazing)
11:00 am - 3:00 pm Lunch, Strolling, and picture taking
ETD 03:00 pm Leaving Can-umantad
ETA 03:45 pmP30.00 Candijay National Road to Guindulman_via Series Bus
ETD 04:15 pmP30.00 From Guindulman to Anda_via Tricycle
ETA 04:45 pm Arrived at Anda Public Market
ETA 05:00 pmP1000.00 Check in a J&A Travellers Inn room is good of 4pax for P1000.00
07:00 pm - 9:00 pm Wander Anda Beach and night swimming
DAY 3 - Anda de Boracay - Cabagnaw Cave Pool
ETD 07:00 amP150.00 From Anda we went to Cabagnaw Cave Pool
(150.00 roundtrip tricycle for 5 pax)
ETA 07:15 amP50.00 Swimming at Cabagnaw Cave pool
ETD 08:15 am Going Back to Anda
ETA 08:30 am Clean-up and Pack all the things and getting ready to exit
ETD 09:00 amP30.00 From Anda to Guindulman
ETD 09:45 amP50.00 From Guindolman to Jagna_via Series Bus
ETA 11:00 am Arrived at Jagna Proper
ETD 11: 10 amP50.00 From Jagna Proper to (Spring pool - I forgot the name)
ETA 11:30 am arrive at Spring pool_Lunch, Swimming
ETD 03:00 pm Getting ready and went back to Jagna Proper
ETA 03:20 pmP7.00 Arrived at Garcia Hernandez_Tricycle P7.00/head
ETD 04:00 pmP100.00 From Garcia Hernandez to Tagbilaran Bus Terminal
ETA 05:00 pm Tagbilaran Terminal
ETD 05:10 pmP7.00 Going to Tagbilaran Proper via Jeepney
ETA 05:20 pmP100.00 Dine inn
ETA 05:45 pm Tagbilaran Port_check in
ETD 06:30 pm Going back to Cebu City
Estimated budget was more or less 2000.00 including foods.