A Fellowship Day Hike to Mt. Mauyog Balamban

Laag away from the stressful city life is everyone's wish, especially when you're so stressed with your work or with the people around you. This would be the case if you're working too hard or even not but has a stressful work environment. In some cases, others went laag just for picture taking purposes, to have a little adventure and to see another world. For myself, I have those reasons plus to relieve my stress. It's been a long time since my last laag. Now my feet are itching for a long hike and craving for a new adventure. Among the many peaks Cebu, we decided to go to Mt. Mauyog.

 Mt. Mauyog in Balamban

About Mt. Mauyog

Mt. Mauyog is located in Brgy. Sunog under the Municipality of Balamban western part of Cebu Province. Mt. Mauyog is known to have a rock formation in the peak that looks like a human brain. It is just a few mile away from Mt. Manunggal the crash site of former Philippine president, President Magsaysay. Most of the wanders including me, thought that Mt. Mauyog and Mt. Manunggal is just one mountain but actually they're not. As per locals/guide, Mt. Mauyog is owned by a private individual but I'm not so sure the legitimacy of the information.

 Mt. Mauyog in Balamban
Panoramic view at Mauyog Peak

About our Laag

As always, we do our laag minute before the actual time of our laag. We do love unplanned laag for it is funnier and adventurous. Basically, we decided to have a little adventure in Balamban just a day before the actual date and 2 hours before our graveyard shift ends, we do a little research so that we will be able to know the rights stop points.

 Mt. Mauyog Balamban
Heading to Brgy. Awayan from Balamban National road

I went to Balamban with Jick and Zaza, yes we are only 3 but while we are heading to Balamban we met these awesome ladies that heading also to Mt. Mauyog. They are Melogine, Hose Marie, and Belle Marie. As mentioned in the previous post, one of the best thing in having adventure is that, you will be able to meet new friends.
 Mt. Mauyog Balamban

Our first stop was in skina Cantipla, the second was in Brgy. Awayan and the third was in Brgy. Sunog. So from Balamban national road, we had a not so long ride going to Awayan. Before Awayan, we had a quick stop in their Brgy Hall to pay the 30.00 PHP environmental fee. We safely arrived in Awayan at 1045 and since we are so excited to go to Mt. Mauyog, we started our trek right away. Just a little heads up, you will be passing by a river on this trek, so be ready. How long is the river trek? It's for you to find out. Lol. We do have a lot of stops because the ladies are not used to have a long hike and aside from that, the trail was so steep for which an air consuming hike.

What are the things that you need to bring?

In hiking, you only need to bring what important. You just need to bring an extra shirt, water and ready to eat food. You may want to bring chocolate, a small amount of salt (advisable for a long hike) or ion booster water (i.e Gatorade or pocari sweet), dried grapes for this will help boost your energy. There is also a source of clean water in the middle of the trail.

We finally arrived at the third stop at 1245 which is in the Brgy. Sunog. We took a short rest and had our lunch in the small village in Brgy. Sunog. After probably 30 minutes, we start our trek to the peak. The trail is not pabebe/easy so please take an extra care. There were at least 2 groups of mountaineers that is wandering the peak, so we went directly in the south wing since there is less of people in there.
 Mt. Mauyog in Balamban

Mt. Mauyog Peak : The South Wing

For me, South wing is the most dangerous part of the peak for the rock formation are so pointy and deadly cliff. We enjoyed the panoramic view of the green mountains, relaxing breeze of the cold air and the dramatic scenery. After picture taking, we went then to the North wing (SM Lol!)
 Mt. Mauyog in Balamban
Super deadly cliff

 Mt. Mauyog in Balamban

Mt. Mauyog Peak : The North Wing

The same in the South wing, I thought that north wing is also composed of deadly pointy rock but it's actually not. The common thing in both peaks is the deadly cliff.
 Mt. Mauyog Balamban

The top of the brain like rock serves as the stage for picture taking. Yes, the rock formation looks like a human brain. The same in the south wing peak, we enjoyed the panoramic view and dramatic scenery at the peak. Feeling relaxed with the breeze of the cold air that touches our struggled skin. aw feelings diay. lol!
 Mt. Mauyog in Balamban

Can you do camping?

Unfortunately, Mt. Mauyog is not a good fit for camping because there is no flat area in the peak. The suggested camping site is in Mt. Manunggal area that is few miles away from Mt. Mauyog.

How get there?

Look for vhire heading to Balamaban, just told the driver to drop you guys either in skina Mt. Manuggal or skina Cantipla.  There were actually  2 trails going to Mt. Mauyog, one is via skina Cantipla and the other one was in skina Mt. Manuggal. 

Here's that thing, if you want to have a long hike, then you must take the trial via Cantipla to  Brgy. Awayan. But you if you want to have just a short hike like 15-30 minutes to Mt. Mauyog then you must take a trail from skina Manuggal directly to Brgy. Sunog. The disadvantage if you will take the trail to Brgy. Awayan is that, you will pay a lot (twice for the environmental fee and twice for the guide). If you know someone that knows the trail from Brgy. Awayan to Brgy. Sunog then that is good for you to save money but when you are on your way to  Mt. Mauyog from Brgy. Sunog, a guide is a must for the trail and the peak isn't safe.
 Mt. Mauyog

Capturing moments

As always, picture taking will always take a long time. Of course, pictures are important, this will serve as the rewards after all the hard works or the long hike. So smile at your best 'cause you deserve it after all.
 Mt. Mauyog
with Zaza and Jick in the Photo

 Mt. Mauyog
capturing the drama

 Mt. Mauyog
in the photo is Zaza, momenting

 Mt. Mauyog
Jick the photographer

 Mt. Mauyog
panoramic view selfie

 Mt. Mauyog
back pose

 Mt. Mauyog
with new friends

Please note, please be a responsible wanderer, kill nothing but time, take nothing but picture. Leave no trash.


  • 0900am - Ayala Terminal
  • ETA 1030 - skina Cantipla Balamban
  • ETA 1040 Brgy. Awayan - Trek start
  • ETA 1240 Brgy. Sunog
  • 0130 ascend to Mt. Mauyog
  • ETA 0200 at the peak
  • (capturing moments)
  • 0340 - descend to Brgy. Sunog
  • ETA 0420 - arrive in Brgy. Sunog
  • 0430 - Back to Cebu City
  • ETA 0630 Arrived in JY Square


  • V Hire to Balamban 120.00
  • Single bike to Awayan 100.00
  • Environmental fee (Brgy. Awayan) - 30.00
  • Guide (Robinsons) - 300.00
  • Environmental fee (Brgy. Sunog) 30.00
  • Mandatory Guide (Jomel) 300.00
  • Single motor to JY 250.00

Food and water expense:

  • Pocari sweat 35.00
  • 1-liter water 25.00
  • 2 Boiled egg 20.00
  • 1 Snickers 34.00

Surely, there are no laws that would prevent you from doing something or fun activity as long as you do not disturb others or hurt nature and environment, Yes?

Enjoy your day and let your worries go away even for just a day!