A day of chilling with awesome mates in the company

Most of the people around do love beaching, especially during summer. Chilling in a crystal clear and blue water with white fine sand is everyone's dream.  It may be not easy to go outside of the City especially if you are working person but as what others said: "Kung gusto may paraan, Kung ayaw may dahilan". Despite of my hectic schedule, I do manage to have a little break just to balance my lifestyle. Lol. Few days before this event, I was imagining myself, setting up a tent, laying in the sand my with my wave music album in Spotify is played and a cold beer on my side. That imagination came to reality when I and my classmates (Angel, Vince, and Denise) went to Lambog Beach in Badian.

Lambug Beach in Badian

About Badian

Badian is located in the western part of Cebu province. It is 106 kilometers away from Cebu City via Cebu S Rd/Natalio B. Bacalso S National Hwy and Santander - Barili - Toledo Rd. There are heaps of tourist attraction in Badian that you may want to visit. Kawasan Falls is the most popular tourist destination in the municipality of Badian, it is one of the most visited and crowded for its magnificent and amazing waterfalls. Aside from Kawasan Falls, there is also other tourist attraction that you may want to add to your list, like the Lambog beach, Kansanto spring and much more. Trekking to Kandungao peak from Badian is also possible, but it may be a kind of costly trip since you have to have a ride a single motorbike going to a small village where the jump off is located. 

Lambug Beach in Badian

About our Laag

We went to Badian right after my Saturday shift via Ceres bus. Despite of very hot day, I have no choice but to ride an unairconditioned bus because my mates are afraid of having seasick in the middle of our travel. We safely arrived in Badian around 12 nn which is lunch time, so from Badian national road, we have to ride a tricycle going to Lambog beach. There's nothing to worry about the foods, accommodations and taking shower because you really have a super easy access in the place. There is no need to bring foods for there is small sari-sari store in the place wherein you can but food or eat. If you are microphone lover then you can have a sing along with your favorite track. The people there are really helpful and approachable.

After we ate our lunch, we went to the shore to set up tents. My mates and I are so eager to have swimming in magnificent blue water. 

Lambug Beach

Rushly, we set up the tents, arrange all the packs inside and as soon as we are all set, we go swimming, snorkeling, chilling and of course photo shooting.

Lambug Beach

While snorkeling, I caught a not so big (big enough) crab, we're so happy for having it for our dinner.

Lambug Beach

As the dark is approaching, we prepared all the thing that we need for our dinner for we only have one flashlight.  Sadly, we never saw the most awaited scenery of the place, the sunset, for the sky was so cloudy and gloomy.

Lambug Beach

We had prepared our dinner before the day light's gone, we bought foods and water and prepared our little bonfire. The little poor crab saved the half of our money we spent for the food for our dinner.

Lambug Beach

Music is turned on, the bonfire is lit and a little hard drink has been served, it was kind of perfect night for me after the long week (midterm exam). As mentioned previously, there is no problem in taking bath because villagers have an available shower room, you just need to pay them for a reasonable price.  As the night goes deeper and the stories have been told, we had to go and clean up our selves then go to bed.

Lambug Beach

The very next day, first thing in the morning, I and my mates had a little wander along the shore.

It was so peaceful that no words can compare to how unorganized the city is.
As expected, there was a number of hikers/wanders who traverse or spend their night at the beach from their hike (Kandungao, Osmenia peak).

Early morning is the time wherein most fishermen came in the shore from fishing in the deep part of the sea. They sell some of the fish they've got and some they take it to their home. The fish they sell was so fresh and haven't frozen yet, to save our breakfast we bought the big one for 180.00. 

The fish is big enough and good for the 3 of us. Kuya was the one who cleans the fish so bes no need to clean it by yourself, all you have to do is to cook it on the fire. Charcoal is available in the village so you can just cook it by yourself. We use the leaves of Talisay tree as our plate and eat with bare hands. 

Around 8 am when the sun shines so bright, we pack up our things and prepared to go back to the city. There is no problem for the transportation because there were heaps of tricycle driver around waiting for passengers. For tricycle, you have to pay them 30.00 php per head. It may be 50.00 for the solo backpacker.

Accommodations and facilities

Lambog beach is indeed a public beach. It was taken care of by the mayor. Kudos for the mayo for taking care of the beach, paying its personnel to keep the beach clean and not collecting any fee for the tourist. If you want to stay a little longer in Badian to spend more time enjoying the place, you can avail any of the beach houses, huts or any facilities available with reasonable and affordable rates. Room rates may start at 200.00 - 800.00 depends on the room size and type. 

You can also set up your own tent and once again its free of charge unlike Tingko beach in Alcoy and Basdako in Moalboal.

Lambug Beach

The beach has an extensive stretch of arching shoreline, roughly a mile long of white sand. Just a few meters from the shore is a gradually sloping but shallow sea floor. This is perfect for wading, searching shells, and for snorkeling as well.

For those who are planning to bring their own car, nothing to worry because they have a wide parking area in which you can park overnight night.

Interesting & fun activities

Surely, you can enjoy lots of activities on this beach.
You can bring your own snorkeling gear, beach volleyball ball, Frisbee, etc. Boating could be your another activity of the day.

Lambug Beach

The place is great for the budget and cheap family picnic. You can pack your homemade food and drinks for a day’s party. Bring your spreads, towels, parasol, tent, folding light table, or anything you can easily carry. But take note, be a responsible man, leave no trace always.

How to go to Lambog Beach

If you are from Cebu City, then you just need to ride a bus going to Bato or just to be, sure ask any personnel in the bus terminal to know which bus that will pass by in Badian. Don't forget to tell/remind the conductor that you have to get off at skina Lambog in Badian just a few mile from Badian proper.


Bus fare:
  • Non - air conditioned - 107.00 with student discount
  • Air conditioned - 119.00 with student discount
  • Tricycle going to Lambog: 30.00 per head

PS: I didn't include the food expenses we had for we may have different preferences and pricing may vary. 


Please be a responsible hiker, leave no trace, take nothing but a picture, kill nothing but time. Respect and love mother nature. 

Surely, there are no laws that would prevent you from doing something or fun activity as long as you do not disturb others or hurt nature and environment, Yes?

Enjoy your day and let your worries go away even for just a day!