A friendly hike and camping in Mt. Kabuwan, Naga City

Adventure is like love. We already knew the risk and possible outcome but we didn't mind it and we just go for it anyway. Adventure can be memorable through struggles, through happiness or both. They say, 90% of trekking is struggles and 10% is happiness. This is somehow true or maybe depends on the trail.

Mt. Kabuwan

Setting of Facebook event

Before the said event, I made a facebook event via my facebook page @laagbisaya. That was the very first time making/organizing a Facebook event. Most of the time, I go laag just a day before the actual date but this time it's different. I intentionally made this event to meet new friends and I am so glad that there were heaps of person who got interested and join in the event. I had 12 acquaintance along the trial, some of them are hardcore in terms of hiking but mostly are first timers.

A new friend (Win) and hardcore in terms of hiking

Mt. Kabuwan
An MD, PhD, Atty, proud friend here, she's Denice

Mt. Kabuwan
My Bae, Marissa

Mt. Kabuwan
A newly licence architect and new friend, Jolly

Mark, a classmate and new friend

Mt. Kabuwan
This is Zaza, an old friend.
Mt. Kabuwan
This is Gem and Charm our new friend from Facebook.

About Naga

Naga is one of the cities under the first district of Cebu province. Naga officially called the City of Naga and often referred to as Naga City. Naga comprises of 28 barangays, one of them is Brgy. Lanas where Mt. Naupa and Mt. Kabuwan is located (Sitio Naupa). The City of Naga is located 23.5 kilometers away from Cebu City via Cebu South Coastal Road and Cebu South N Bacalso National Highway.

City of Naga

About our Laag

So here's what happened, I have a classmate who is living in Naga City. Basically, since he knew the way to Mt. Naupa I asked him to be our guide. So, from the south bus terminal, we ride a bus going to Naga and we stopped in skina Ampid which was our jump off. So before we finally start our adventure, me and Romel Sembrano went to the wet market to buy a ready to eat foods for our dinner. 

I and my acquaintances don't have any idea how far the peak is, how tough the trail is and all. So, we started our hike at 3 pm, with all the foods and drinks are packed and while we're walking we also had a little chit chat and getting to know each other. It was a tough hike, I can say because the trail was so muddy and slippery, so stepped and full of itchy tall wild grass. The fun part, while we are hiking, is that we are like harvesting our own guava plantation along the trail. It's just so tempting and I can't resist in picking up the yellow ones. 

City of Naga

Mt. Kabuwan

I never expect that Mt. Naupa was too far from Ampid because my classmate (Sembrano) told and assured us that it was just like an hour trek. We stopped and set up our tents in Mt. Kabuwan, it's still half way to Mt Naupa but we have no choice because it getting darker and the rain started pouring. We are running out of time because we had a lot of stops for the first timers to rest and we also had a serious case and I have to take care of it seriously since I am the one who organizes the activity. Our target is really to go to Mt. Naupa but since unexpected circumstances occurred, we just stopped and spent our night in Mt. Kabuwan. 

Mt. Kabuwan
Mt. Kabuwan
Campsite: sunrise + mini river of clouds

About Mt. Kabuwan

Spending our night there is not bad because we have a safe camp site, we have the panoramic view of Cebu City and panoramic view of mountains on the other side including Mt. Naupa, we also had the stunning sun rise. Unfortunately, we never saw the sun set because the sky was so cloudy and gloomy. I can say that we have the safe camp site because there were 3 CCTV's working 24/7 that is connected to a not so tall tower. Without realizing, the girl's peed in the back part with the camera staring at them, LOL.

Mt. Kabuwan

Mt. Kabuwan

Activities we did during night time

Rushly, we set up our tents so that we can have a shelter from the girly rain after we set up our tents and while the rain is going on, we just eat our dinner inside in everyone or each tent. Around 8 pm, when the rain stopped, we started our bonfire and as soon as we are done creating the fire, everyone is gathering right next the fire to get warm since we are struggling from the very cold air in the mountain. And while getting warm, we also dipped some hotdogs and mallows for our midnight snacks, additionally, we also cooked some pop corns that fulled everyone's mouth. Lol! Expectedly, the night is so quiet and gladly, my friend brought his guitar, so we had our little chilling session and singing bizrocks and maoy-maoy song.

Mt. Kabuwan

What are the things that you need to bring?

If you guys are planning to stay an overnight night, then you must bring the basic things for you comfort sleep, ready to eat food and enough water. Water is the very important thing that you should bring as it serves as your gasoline to power you up.

EXIT: The next day - descending

On the very peaceful and beautiful morning, when everyone is awake we had some picture taking with the mini river of clouds and beautiful sun rise. We eat our breakfast, some just drink hot coffee. As soon as the sun is rising and felt the heat, we started packing up our things and cleaning the place.

Mt. Kabuwan

The trail from the peak of Mt. Kabuwan to the ground is not a joke, it was a tough trail for it was so stepped and slippery. Most of us were able to manage their way down but me, I have to help a friend (Fen), going down for she was struggling going down and poor in balancing. She was once slipped in Osmenia Peak last 2 years and I'm afraid that it will happen again in descending from Kabuwan peak. 

Mt. Kabuwan
Descending from the peak of Mt. Kabuwan 

Mt. Kabuwan
Momenting and struggling. Lol

From Mt. Kabuwan we have to hike roughly 3 hours to Brgy. Lanas, where our exit was. Though the trail is not so difficult still it was a toughly hike knowing that everyone was running out of drinking water. Luckily, there was this buko salad vendor along the way. It was a big relief that were able to drink a cold, sweet and milky buko salad.

Mt. Kabuwan
The breath taking scenery

Mt. Kabuwan

In the other part, you can also reach out Mt. Naupa via Brgy. Lanas, you can ride a motorbike from the national highway to Sitio Naupa, but you and the driver must be cautious for the road is stepped and slippery when wet. Probably, the fare is 50-80 PHP. And the hike from Sitio Naupa to Mt. Naupa may take less than an hour.

The team in sitio Naupa.

How to go to Naga City

As far as I know, there were heaps of trail going to Mt. Naupa, it will just depend on your preferences. But if you want to go to Mt. Kabuwan, I would suggest going for the trail from sitio/skina Ampid.It may take less than an hour hike if you guys have less resting time. To go to Naga, you guys have 2 option, 
(option 1) it's either you may ride a jeepney to Naga City or;  
(option 2) take a bus from South Bus Terminal going to Toledo City, just inform the driver/konductor where your stop is. 

Option 1 might a little hassle because most of the jeepney is too small and expectedly, you guys will bring a heavy and big backpack. So, I would highly suggest to take a bus, for your convenience and to save money.

Mt Kabuwan
Our campsite at the peak of Mt. Kabuwan

To Mt. Kabuwan -  must be stopped in sitio/skina Ampid
To Mt. Naupa - must be stopped in skina Rikyo or Skina Lanas.


  • Bus from SBT (South Bus Terminal) - 30.00 with SP
  • Jeepney from skina Lanas to Naga City Proper - 12.00
  • Jeepney to Basak Pardo - 15. 00
  • Jeepney to e-mall - 7.00

PS: I didn't include the food expenses we had for we may have different preferences and pricing may vary. 


Please be a responsible hiker, leave no trace, take nothing but a picture, kill nothing but time. Respect and love mother nature. 

Surely, there are no laws that would prevent you from doing something or fun activity as long as you do not disturb others or hurt nature and environment, Yes?

Enjoy your day and let your worries go away even for just a day!