Carmen's Mt. Mago : Meet and Greet to a Newly Found Friends

Laag is the best way to kill the boredom and laag with new people and new friends is a lot better and funnier. It is really nice to go to the place that you've never been with good people around you. 

Cebu, as we all know, have a lot of splendid mountains and peaks that you and your friends may enjoy in wandering. One of these peaks is located in the municipality of Carmen Cebu northern part of Cebu, Mt. Mago. 

Mt. Mago

About Carmen Cebu

Carmen lies approximately 42 kilometers North of Cebu City, travel time may take within 2 hours depends on how heavy the traffic is. There were lots of things that you can do and enjoy when visiting the municipality of Carmen, you can go swimming in Durano Eco Farm and Spring, you can also enjoy the nearby pool with flowing water from a spring, river trekking and enjoy the soon to open Safari - the 100 hectares animal zoo own by Michel J. Lhuillier. Everyone is excited about it, I know right? Lol

Mt. Mago

About our Laag

So here's what happened, everyone is so excited especially the first-timers, however, for some valid reason I have to postpone this laag due to the typhoon and basically, there is no clearing yet and the way going to the starting point is so slippery, muddy and very risky. So, for everyone's safety, I ended up postponing the activity a week after the intended date. 

There were 30 heads who join this trek, some are hardcore and some are first-timers. Before it was postponed, there were more than 50 heads who will join the activity but due to conflict of schedules, some joiners have to back out.

Mt. Mago Mt. Mago
We all meet and gather all together in Carmen wet market and eat our breakfast together, prepared the necessary things such as water, food and etc. 

Since we are tight on budget, I have to negotiate the habal-habal driver first so that we can have a lower fare going to Brgy. Santican where the starting point is. Luckily, we met Kuya (I forgot his name), he was from Brgy. Santican and he help us kindly in finding a trustworthy driver since the way going to Santican is too risky.

Together we went to Brgy. Santican, it looks like we have a motorcade that time since we hired a total of 15 habal. The fare we negotiated going to Brgy. Santican was for P100.00 per head one way. 

The travel time going to Santican may take up 30-45 minutes, as the person who organizes the laag, I feel too much pressure and worry since the way up is too rocky and too slippery. But thanks to God, we are all arrived in Santican safely. 

Mt. Mago

I would highly suggest to get kids as your guide, so that, at least you can help them. The guide fee may be their allowance for school. 

We didn't take too much time, in the drop off point. Since we did not know each other, we have to introduce our very self to everyone. Right after our introduction, we started our hike. 

As per advice, the hike going to the peak may just take 1 hour and another hour going back.

There were lots of instagramable views along the trail going to the peak. My favorite is the mountain that looks like the famous Microsoft Windows's wallpaper. T'was so green and has a 360-degree view.

Some of Instagrammable Views along the trail to Mago Peak.

Mt. Mago Mt. Mago
Mt. Mago

At Mt. Mago Peak

At the peak, there is no 360 view compared to the other peaks. We had our lunch at the peak since we arrive there at exactly 12nn. Yes, it took a little longer for us to arrive at the peak since I have to go back to the trail because 2 of my acquaintance went missing but I found out that they go back their way to Santican without my knowledge. 

I was exhausted and almost out of power because I forgot to bring anything to protect myself from direct sunlight. As a result.....Lol!

While descending, we are deciding where to go to for our side trip, either to the cave or to the falls for. Everyone agreed to go to the cave, however, while we are on our way to the cave, the kids told us that we have to use a piece of a rope to get in the cave or going down. 

I am worried about everyone's safety so we ended up changing our side trip, we're going to falls. The falls is just 10-15 minutes walk from Santican proper. However, everyone seemed like disappointed when seeing the falls. It is actually not a falls, it may just look like a fountain instead. hahah. I was even disappointed because I expected to see a falls more likely with Kawasan Falls but urggghh lol FALSE expectation. Lol! 

Despite of such disappointment, still I can't resist myself, I still went down and wade for a couple of minutes in the cold water.

Mt. Mago Sample Itinerary and Expenses
ETD – ETA Location Budget Activities/Remarks
6:00 am 7:00 am Meeting place in North Bus Terminal P0.00
7:00 am 9:20 am Bound to Carmen Cebu P40.00 Mini Bus – per head
9:20 am 9:45 am Breafast P50.00 Breakfast at Carmen market. Budget may differ depends on your preferred foods
9:45 am 10:30 am Going to Brgy. Santican P100.00 Habal-habal, this is per head
10:30 am 3:00 pm Trekking/picture taking/Lunch/side trip P50.00 Lunch - P50.00 is for the food we eat per head
3:00 pm 3:15 pm Brgy. Santican proper P20.00 Guide fee per head
Going back to Carmen Proper P100.00 Habal-habal, this is per head
4:00 pm 6:00 pm Camen to Cebu City P40.00 Mini Bus – per head
TOTAL P400.00

Surely, there are no laws that would prevent you from doing something or fun activity as long as you do not disturb others or hurt nature and environment, Yes?

Enjoy your trip and let your worries go away even for just a day!

Always remember this, leave nothing but footprints, take nothing but pictures, kill nothing but time.