A DIY Travel: Exploring Venice Grand Canal Mall before Ilocos Norte

Traveller? ....
Wanderer? ....
There are a lot of flight promotion that you may want to take advantage with. Air Asia has its own red-hot sale once every year. Recently, during the writing of this article, AirAsia has a red-hot sale in which I booked for a flight in Cebu - Davao November for next year. lol! Since I have a tight budget, I have to book my travel a quite sometime before the actual date so that I can have ample time to have savings. 

Venice Grand Canal

Of course, we have to have enough budget so that we can enjoy our trip so much.  Your laag will still depend on the place where it has flight fare promotion. Travelling in a very short time can be a bit stressful and exhausted for which we can't have enough rest. Yes, it is based on my past experience. 

During this laag, it was my first time riding a plane and the first time going out of Visayas. lol! And yes, it was very exciting knowing the fact that almost everything is my first time.

This flight was booked and scheduled last November of the year 2016. It was AirAsia's red-hot sale promotion too. lol

Before we finally went to Ilocos Norte, we have a little break in Venice Grand Canal Mall. We intendedly went to this place to celebrate my friends 25th birthday, the always on time lady, Queen at all time Nessary Paquibot. 

Venice Grand Canal

The Venice Grand Canal Experience

Venice Grand Canal Mall is located in Cluster B, McKinley Hill Garden Villas, Upper McKinley Rd, Taguig, Metro Manila. Since it was our first time in Manila, we have a hard time going there from Cubao. Luckily, kuya the taxi driver was so jolly, kind and happily give us direction on where to go after we book a ticket in Partas Terminal in Cubao going to Laoag City. Yes, we booked a ticket from Cubao to Laoag City just to make sure we have a seat going there.

Venice Grand Canal

After booking we tried to go to Grand Canal from Cubao Araneta via MRT to Ayala for P20.00 then another bus for P12.00 from Ayala to Mckinley. Unfortunately, while we are on the bus, the driver told us that they won't passed by in the mall in itself.  Therefore, we have to take off from the bus and in a place where we have no idea with all the bag and luggage with us. 


From there we had to use the Grab car app to bring us to Venice Grand Canal. The mall seemed like Country Mall in Cebu but much nicer, fancy and clean. The mall inspired by one of Italy's most romantic cities, Venice Grand Canal has elevated the shopping and lifestyle scene in the Philippine with its uniquely Italian sights and sounds, and dining experience. 

Venice Grand Canal

We are all craving after a long trip from Cebu, we have decided to eat our lunch in Kuya J's restaurant in Grand Canal. I never ate yet in Kuya J in Cebu yet, therefore, it was my first time eating this restaurant. They actually have a tasty dishes back there especially their Chop suey and sizzig. urgghh

Kuya J's restaurant feedback: 

The place was clean, the staff are so friendly so long as their manager Francis, aside of having a great food and great customer service, I and Ness were surprised when we hear the loud banging of some kitchen utensils then followed by a song Happy Birthday sang by the crews together with Francis, their manager.  It was amazing and I am glad that we're able to meet a good people in a place that we've never been. Kudos to Kuya J's staff for exceeding a customer's expectation. Thanks heaps!

Kuya J

Kuya J
Kuya J

Right after we ate our lunch, we wander and took some photos on the place. 

If you are in doubt or don't know the way going there, here is the key "wag mahihiyang magtanong". 


Venice Grand Canal Venice Grand Canal
Venice Grand Canal Venice Grand Canal

Surely, there are no laws that would prevent you from doing something or fun activity as long as you do not disturb others or hurt nature and environment, Yes?

Enjoy your tip and let your worries go away even for just a day! Always remember this, leave nothing but foot prints, take nothing but picture, kill nothing but time.