A DIY Travel : Exploring the Summer Capital of the Philippines, Baguio City

Baguio can be reached by bus from Metro Manila. It roughly 250 kilometers from Manila and it may take 4-6 hours travel time depends on how heavy the traffic is. 

Baguio is known to be as the Summer Capital of the Philippines, owing to its cool climate since the city is located approximately 1,540 meters (5,050 feet) above sea level in the Luzon tropical pine forests eco-region, which makes it conducive for the growth of mossy plants and orchids. 

Where to Stay in Baguio? 

There were heaps of hotels and travel inns in Baguio City where you can stay during your visit. If you are not tight in budget then you can go to a deluxe hotel but if you are a poor traveler like us then you can stay in a cheap travelers inn but of course, you need to consider its safeness and cleanliness. 

During our visit, we stayed in TUVERA Pension House. Is it not so expensive, the place is really good and the room is very spacious, clean, there own comfort room with heater. The room is a family room and it cost us P350.00 per head. There is no specific check-in time, but the heck out time would be 12nn regardless of your check-in time.  

Baguio's Famous Tourist Destinations

1. Good Shepherd Place

Good Shepherd Place

Where to go and what to do:

Ride a jeepney going to Mines View Park. Jeepney terminal is located at lower session road just in front of the famous bakery in Baguio, Danes Bakeshop. The fare is Php. 10.00. You can buy strawberry jam, strawberry taho or Ube Jam. 

2. Mines View Park 

Mines View Park

Where to go and what to do:

From Good Shepherd, it is just walking distance going to the park.  Try wearing traditional costumes for P20.00 (unlimited use). I would highly suggest to do the boomerang while dancing the Igorot traditional Dance. Lol!

3. The Mansion

The Mansion

Where to go and what to do:

From the park, ride a jeepney which is just right in front of the entrance of Mines View Park and tell the driver to drop you guys at The Mansion. The fare is P8.50. 

4. Wright Park

Wright Park

Where to go and what to do:

From The Mansion, just cross from the other side of the road. You’re already at Wright Park. Take photos at the beautiful “Pool of Pines”. Buy Natives’ handicrafts. Walk at the wide stairway made of stones that lead you to the horses. Ride a pony for P100.00 - P150.00.

5. Botanical Garden

Botanical Garden

Where to go and what to do:

It is actually a walking distance from Wright Park but if you are tired you may ride a jeepney going to city proper and tell the driver to drop you off at Botanical garden. Fare is 8.50

6. SM Baguio

SM Baguio

Where to go and what to do:

You may ride a jeepney right in front of the entrance in Botanical Garden, just let the driver know that SM is your drop off point. The fare is P 8.50. If you know the way, you can just walk going there. Of course there is no SM CITY Baguio in Cebu so we have to take photo there. Lol! 

7. Baguio Cathedral

Baguio Cathedral

Where to go and what to do:

Exit from SM and walk down going to Baguio post office. From there, walk straight. Ask if you don't know the way. Lol!

8. Session Road

Where to go and what to do:

From the Cathedral, it is a 2-minute walk going to Session Rd.  Try Vizcos restaurants strawberry shortcake. Try Teahouse’s Palabok, Streamline cake or its famous Chona’s delight. Try dining in at the infamous Volante restaurant. 

9. Burnham Park/Rose Garden/Melvin Jones

Burnham Park/Rose Garden/Melvin Jones

Where to go and what to do:

From lower session rd (DBP bank) walk towards Hotel Veniz. From there, you’ll be able to see the park and the garden.

Burnham Park

Biking/Boating- Its fee has already been regulated by the City officials. Biking will cost 50-100 pesos depending on the type of bicycle. For the boat, it ranges from 100-150 pesos. 

10. Camp Johnhay

Camp Johnhay

Where to go and what to do:

From Igorot Park (near Hotel Veniz) ask the locals where is the jeep bound to Camp Johnhay. The fare is 8.50.  A beautiful resort on the mountain. You can tour around the place and can even visit the Manor House.

Manor House

11. Strawberry Fields

Where to go and what to do:

Ride a jeepney located at the back of Center Mall. You can either ride a jeepney bound to Buyagan or Pico La Trinidad. The fare is at Php. 14.00 

Strawberry Fields

How to get to Center Mall? From Session Road/Harisson Road, ride a Trancoville Jeep or Aurora Hill jeep. It will pass Center Mall for just 8.50 pesos. 

You can buy souvenirs, jam's wine, raw strawberry, strawberry ice cream and etc.

12. STOBOSA Mural Arts

STOBOSA Mural Arts

Where to go and what to do:

From the Strawberry farm, walk towards the highway road. From there, ride any jeep that is bound to Baguio City. Just tell the driver to drop you off at the painted houses.

13. Bell Church

Bell Church

Where to go and what to do:

From STOBOSA, just walk straight to La Trinidad Arc. From there, you will be able to see the temple.

14. The Old Diplomat Hotel

The Old Diplomat Hotel

Where to go and what to do:

Ride a jeepney bound for Dominican Hill. The terminal is at the public market, at the back of Abanao Square. Fare is Php 8.50 

15. Lourdes Grotto

Lourdes Grotto

Where to go and what to do:

From Diplomat hotel, walk down straight to this place.  You may enjoy the solemnity of the place and dinner. Be ready to the super long stair way going up. This is just a little sacrifice before praying. 

16. Night Market

Where to go and what to do:

Located at Harisson road Baguio City, in front of Melvin Jones/Burnham Park. Night Market starts from 9 PM onwards. 

It was kinda tiring and exhausted but despite such pain, we had enjoyed our trip so much and most especially enhance our Tagalog talent. Lol. 

Before we went back to Manila City, I wander and explore Baguio proper alone during  night time, I went to Jollibee somewhere in Session Rd to eat and had a hot coffee since the night was so cold. I spoke with lad in Jollibee, I got some tips and advice about Baguio. After Jollibee, I walke down straight to Burnham park, it was very cold and so peaceful for no more peopler wandering in the park unlike the last  time we went there during afternoon wherein the park is so crowded.  

Just to be sure, we bought a ticket heading to Pasay for our trip back to Manila the next day. It was actually suggested to travel during night time to avoid heavy traffic but we choose to travel during daytime so that we can still rest right before the long journey to Manila. 

If you don't know the place, the only key we can highly suggest is: "wag mahihiyang mag tanong". 

This DIY Travel includes, Laoag City Tour, Vigan City, Pagudpud and baguio City. We made our own itirenary and posted our expenses and all the details in the table. To see the detailed itinerary and expenses, click here.

Surely, there are no laws that would prevent you from doing something or fun activity as long as you do not disturb others or hurt nature and environment, Yes?

Enjoy your trip and let your worries go away even for just a day! 

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