Gibitngil, One Of Best Beaches in Northern Cebu: Exploring and Conquering High Cliff Jumping at Funtastic Island

Do you know that feeling when you are so tired of city life and you want to go away but you just cant? Well, this is exactly how I feel.

I can't go because I have CLASSES
I can't go because  I don't have enough MONEY
I can't go because  I WORKED weekdays and weekends.

If I have the  MONEY, where should I go?

If I have TIME, who's gonna go with me? 

This is just the basic question I have in mind when planning to go on an adventure. I know there are lots of things that we need to consider when doing an adventure, regardless of what kind of adventure (mountain or sea adventure), such as, the place, money, weather and of course SAFETY, this should be our main concern YES?

This is a photo taken from the top  of Funtastic Island

CEBU, as we all know, is composed of stunning and adventurous places. Regardless of which part of Cebu province (east, west, north or south), adventurous and instagramable places are everywhere in which you and your friends may want to wander around. 

I've been to different places in Cebu South but not much in  Northern part of Cebu. Northern Cebu has lots of beautiful white beaches such as Virgin Island in Bantayan, Gibitngil or commonly know as Funtastic Island and many more. 

 About Cebu North

Cebu North is popularly known for its beautiful white sand beaches. Gibitngil Island, however, is not the very popular tourist attraction nowadays but Bantayan Island. I really want to go to this place before during the time when Funtastic/Gibitngil Island is so popular anywhere but since my team is more into DRAWING adventure we weren't able to explore its beauty.  

Despite of business and poor pocket, kay laagan man lage bes, so pangitaan gyud ug paagi. With not so empty pocket, we went to Nothern part of Cebu to chill and explore its beauty.  Basically, our target is to be in the Kawit port by 5 or 6 am so that we can get into the island and to have a lot of time to explore the place.

Laag Bisaya
Funtastic Island
Laag Bisaya

We have no idea as to what the schedule of busses is, unlike with south bus terminal, they have operations 24/7. 

Meeting place: North bus terminal

Look for a bus heading to Kawit. No worries because there are heaps of buses going to the place, you can also ask some dispatcher for which bus heading to Kawit just to be sure. 

For you to save money, I would highly suggest contacting someone for your transportation going to the island (Funtastic Island). I recommend Jhondel, he's so accommodating and he even let us borrow their utensils and cutleries. 

We safely arrived in Kawit port at 545 am but before we finally travel to the island we went to wet market first to buy foods for lunch, water and to have breakfast/coffee.

About Gibitngil/Funtastic Island

The travel going to Gibitngil Island from the port will take more or less 45 minutes depends on the condition of the weather. While riding the boat, you can enjoy watching cliffs along the island, small caves, and  the so tempting crystal clear water. 

Funtastic Island
Funtastic Island

To be honest, I was quite disappointed because my expectation to the place didn't meet. It is different to the photo I saw on the internet in which there are heaps of colorful beach banners and other stuff.  I spoke with one local there (sari-sari owner)  and they said that before they change the mayor, the places were so beautiful and well maintained. 

It was so peaceful when we arrived on the island, basically, we are the first tourist who arrived on the island. There's actually no need to buy a fish in the wet market back in Kawit since there are heaps of fresh fish for sale in Gibitngil for a very cheap price.  What we bought from the market is only the charcoal, water, and rice. 

Funtastic Island

Adventure experience

Since we are the early bird, we had the chance the select the perfect cottage which is at the very top right next to the jumping site.  We had our breakfast part 2 with the sinugba and seafood. 

Funtastic Island
Funtastic Island

While still high tide, we tried to jump at the cliff. It was kinda nerve wrecking since it was super high and the waves are so big. But the waves and fears wasn't the hindrance to jump off the cliff. After many attempts, we finally jumped but only once. Lol! 

After jumping you have to swim turned back to the front side of the island in order to go back in the upper part. Unlike in Salagdoong beach in Siquijor they have stairs right in front of the place you jumped in. 

Please see and enjoy our short video compilations. Credits to CM

Aside from cliff jumping, we had enjoyed snorkeling and taking photos in the bottom part of the cliff. We stayed in Gibitngil for the rest of the day for the reason of watching the sunset. 

As the sun went down we went back to Kawit at 5 pm since the last bus trip will be at 6 pm. We went by in the opposite way so that we can turn the whole island and can see the sunset. 

Funtastic Island

Luckily, we're able to catch an air-conditioned bus going back to the city, so were able to rest well while returning back to the city. 

Can you stay overnight?

Yes, you can stay overnight, however, you have to pay the rent for the cottage again and its doubled.

Funtastic Island

How to go to Gibitngil?

Ride a bus going to Kawit. Then from Kawit, you have to hire a motor bangka/ pumpboat, I would recommend Jhondel, you can reach him through 0956 984 2596.


P260.00 - Air conditioned bus,  one way with student discount
P230.00 - Non-air condition bus, one way with student discount
P1000.00 - Pumpboat rental for the whole group (good for 6-8 pax)
P500.00 - Rent for the cottage 
P100.00 - Entrance fee 

Jhondel also offers 1-day island hopping for P4000.00 good for 15pax.
*Gibitngil Island
*Virgin Island
*Bantayan Island