City of Naga: Mt. Kabuwan - Mt. Naupa : Pre-Hearts Day Trek + Camp

What a great day to take a break! So the amazing Laag Bisaya team decided to take a break in the mountains.

Wait ✋


Yes, you read it right. To the mountains we go!

And have a break from the busy streets, noisy and polluted city life and of course from the work stress. So what and who are you waiting for?

C'mon let's get this adventure started! Thanks weather for cooperating! 😂 and before I forget (just like what he did, CHAROT! 😂😂) This also serves as an advance celebration for Valentines Day, so as you can see it is entitled as PRE-HEARTS DAY TREK + CAMP. TAH! Manglakaw na ta! 😂😎

 Pre-Hearts Day Trek + Camp

So to start, let's have a ride. A special one (as special as you) from Cebu South Bus Terminal going to the jump-off area Skina Apid Cantabaco Toledo City. So guys plite lang tag sakto noh, lisod muhatag ug tibuok nya di masuklian murag feelings nimo para niya. BOOM! CHAROT LANG!

Our way to City of Naga
Canoneo Bus

Jump off: Apid, Cantabaco, Toledo City

As we start the trek, let us not forget to educate and remind ourselves about the basic and simple rules in this kind of activity.

 Pre-Hearts Day Trek + Camp
Jump Off_Apid Cantabato Toledo City

LEAVE NOTHING BUT FOOTPRINTS (Di pareha niya nibiya na gali nagbilin pa gyud ug kasakit sa imong dughan ug huna huna)

 Pre-Hearts Day Trek + Camp

TAKE NOTHING BUT PICTURES (Pero siya gikuha niya tanan..HAHAHA kamo ha unsa kaha nang naa sa inyong huna huna di palabig ka green.. GIKUHA NIYA TANANG GUGMA DIHA SA IMOHA BA.)

 Pre-Hearts Day Trek + Camp

KILL NOTHING BUT TIME (Pero siya wa niya ang anga KASING KASING NIMO IYANG GIPATAY) Hahaha waley kbye! And by the way, never ever forget LEAVE NO TRACE. Lez gooo!

Orientation: Basic mountain etiquette and rules implementation

In a serious note, before we officially start the event, we had a one-hour orientation about the do's and don'ts in the mountain, basic rules implementation, setting of proper expectation, basic mountain etiquette and etc. 

 Pre-Hearts Day Trek + Camp  Pre-Hearts Day Trek + Camp

Some of the rules we strictly implemented are NO SMOKING while on the trail, as we all know mountains are composed of many dry leaves that can be easily burn out. So for everyone's and mother nature's safety we strictly impose this rule. Another rule we impose is NO HARD DRINK, though hard drink may help you warm your body when you feel so much cold kay lage tugnaw kaayo sa mountain but we already anticipate the possibility if one got drunk so we decided to impose this rule.

 Pre-Hearts Day Trek + Camp  Pre-Hearts Day Trek + Camp
One important thing we emphasize to the joiners is to designate only one place for everyone where we can use our camping stove. It is very important that everyone is aware what will happen if we can cause a fire on the mountain. We have more than 50 joiners and campsite of full of tents and other things that can easily burn out,  so we designate one place where we can only use our stove away from things mentioned. 

 Pre-Hearts Day Trek + Camp  Pre-Hearts Day Trek + Camp

We do mountain trekking because we love green, we love nature, we love to go away from the polluted city and we like to breathe fresh air. We do love all about mountain things, therefore, we must also be proactive and be a responsible person when wandering such place.

Pa hangin : Short and Long Halt

In everything that you do in your life, you always or you really need to take a rest. Yes, a REST. Catch your breath, inhale and exhale, just go ahead, move forward, roger that and never say OVER. 

 Pre-Hearts Day Trek + Camp  Pre-Hearts Day Trek + Camp

Inhale the good vibes. Exhale the bad vibes. Tah! Padayun na ta. Life must go on as what they say, so trek must go on also. 😊 

 Pre-Hearts Day Trek + Camp Pre-Hearts Day Trek + Camp

Matud pa ni ma'am Donna, “I learned that mountain climbing is just like broken relationships that all you have to do is keep moving forward no matter how hard the trail is, there is no turning back, but when you reach the top you can feel the fulfillment and success on the journey of your choice”.

Pre-Hearts Day Trek + Camp City of Naga

“Breathhhhheeee” that’s the spirit

"Wooooh"! Kapoy na" common phrase while we are trekking or hiking or even in LOVING. (HAHA! AW) Wa man gani ka kapuyag gukod niya, sa hike o trek na ba kaha nga way feelings involve. Physical effort lang okay na optional ra ang emotional effort mga sizst mga brozst so tana! Together let's move forward! 😂😊

City of Naga City of Naga

It's almost there! Laban lang jd mga sizst, mga brozst maabot rata. Maka move on ra lagi ka niya! 😂

City of Naga

City of Naga

Mt. Kabuwan Summit: Chilling, setting up of tents, cooking and eating

City of Naga City of Naga

And we're here! Mt. Kabuwan welcomes us with a warm, smiling and bright sun! With each and everyone's help we successfully assembled our home in this mountain but of course, we did rest before we assemble our tents. 

City of Naga City of Naga

There's always a time for resting. Take everything slowly with exact timing and pressure. Let's enjoy the beauty of the sunset. At the end of the day you just gotta do what feels right.

Mt. Kabuwan Summit: Chasing sunset

We arrived at the peak of Mt. Kabuwan around 3 pm. Everyone looks exhausted after the trek from the very steep trail with heavy backpack carried. After a couple of minutes, we waste no lot of time, we started setting up our tents and cooking for our dinner. 

City of Naga City of Naga

Everyone is enjoying the alluring and the panoramic view of the places nearby from the summit of Mt. Kabuwan. Around 5 pm, when the sun is slowly going down, everyone was awed with the charming sunset.

City of Naga

Campfire: Painit sa na Bugnaw nga Kasingkasing

Of course right after dinner, time for the campfire!! Let the fire take away the coldness that we feel. 

City of Naga City of Naga

Again, safety first and yes to assure you before we set this up we made sure that we won't cause any danger, accidents or any fire alarm in the area. So tana, chika nata. "Nya nganung gibyaan man ka niya?" Oops! 😂😊😋

Star Gazing: chilling under alluring and uncountable stars

Oh! and there it goes the night is getting darker and the stars are constantly shining bright like a diamond in the sky (haha mukanta lagi 😂) City lights are glimmering. 

City of Naga City of Naga

Time to turn off the lights, enjoy the view, relax, calm your heart and spirit, look up and enjoy the beauty of the stars. Goodnight folks!

A lovely morning: Coffee, Boodle fight for breakfast

City of Naga

Up Up Up! Wake up sleepy heads! The sun is about to rise together let's welcome Mr. Sun with our arms open wide and hot coffee (HOTTER than your EX) Coffee is life! Cheers! 😂😊

City of Naga City of Naga
In Laag Bisaya, we consider each other as family and we believe that the family that eats together stays together forever. (Ayeeee 😂😍😍) Nah mangaon na ta! Breakfast is served.

Descend from Mt. Kabuwan to Mt. Naupa

After the boodle fight kind of breakfast, time to get ready and start moving on.. este start moving forward to the next peak or stop which will be at Mt. Naupa. Again don't forget "LEAVE NO TRACE" so yes we are 100% sure that we cleaned up our mess before leaving. Nothing was left behind except our feelings (CHAROT! 😂) Tana! Sugod nata kay layo layo pa raba

City of Naga City of Naga

It's break time! Di maguol di ni pareha sa inyong pag break na sakit. Hahah lami ni sha nga break ug refreshing! Manginom tag butong folks! 😊

Laag Bisaya Laag Bisaya
Laag Bisaya

The trail going Mt. Naupa

Tana padayun ta! As soon as everyone is done drinking the buko, we resume our trek heading to Naupa. Most of the joiners, decided to go ahead and not to wander in Naupa since they already visited the place before and decided to go to different place for their side trip. 

City of Naga City of Naga
For the record and safety, we have a proper log sheet where everyone needs to log out with their signature. 

City of Naga

Don't stop just keep moving, we'll get there soon. It's all worth it. Tana! Laban lang. Naupa is indeed a place that is full of stunning landscape, if you are into landscape photography you may want to visit Naupa. Our friend, sir Aldo Banaynal, is actually a professional photographer and most of the photos here are owned by him.

Wandering Mt. Naupa

After 48 years! We're here. Yehey! Time to relax enjoy the moment and capture memories to be saved. 

City of Naga City of Naga

It is indeed a long journey but everything was worth it. Catching your breath, all the sweat, the body pain, laughters, bonds, talks.. 

City of Naga

Everything, every moment of it is worth remembering. So what and who are you waiting for? Join us in our next laag! In Laag Bisaya you will never be alone and you'll never be left alone. Bye! Sunud laag nasad! 😂😊😍😎😋😘🖤💜💛💚💙

Event's Preparation and The City of Naga Officials

We would like to extend our gratitude to the people behind the success of our first big event, the Pre-Hearts Day Trek + Camp held last February 10-11 in Mt. Kabuwan - Mt. Naupa  City of Naga. 

Thank you, Sir Jako for giving us free orientation, sharing ideas and techniques about trekking and everything. Everything as so useful and applicable.

Thank you, Brgy. Capt. Ray Arnoza of Brgy. Lanas for your full support to the activity and asking the approval of the City Administrator about the event. 

We were worry less about our safety because of Brgy. Capt. Ray Arnoza made sure that everyone is safe. He even deployed his full force (Brgy. Tahod's) in securing the campsite all overnight and he also went up to the peak around 11:00 pm just to check the site personally and made sure that we are safe.  Thank you so much for the effort capt. KUDOS!

Thank you also, Naga City Administrator, Engr.  Arthur Villamor for approving our intent to held the event in the mountainous part of Naga. Mabuhay!

Office of Naga City Administrator
Office of Naga City Administrator
Surely, there are no laws that would prevent you from doing something or fun activities as long as you do not disturb others or hurt nature and environment, Right?

Enjoy your trip and let your worries go away even just for a day! Always remember these things, LEAVE nothing but FOOTPRINTS, TAKE nothing but PICTURES, KILL nothing but TIME.


Pre-Heart's Day Trek + Camp
9:00 am ETD South Bus Terminal
10:30 am ETA Skina Ampid - ingna lang and conductor nga naog kas skina apid
11:00 am Lunch and Orientation
11:30 am Start Ascend to Mt. Kabuwan Summit
3:00 pm ETA Mt. Kabuwan Summit
3:30 pm Rest at the peak
4:00 pm Preparing and setting up tents
5:00 pm Chasing Sunset/Pictorial/Cook for Dinner
6:30 pm Dinner
8:00 pm Socials - sharing hugot's (hugot sa kagahapon)
10:00 pm Lights Off
4:30 am Wake-Up Call
6:00 am Breakfast
7:00 am Descend from Mt. Kabuwan to Mt. Naupa
9:30 am ETA Mt. Naupa Camp site
11:00 am Lunch
12:00 nn ETA Mt. Naupa Summit
12:30 pm ETA Back to Mt. Naupa Camp site
1:00 pm ETD Descend from Mt. Naupa campsite via Brgy Lanas
3:00 pm ETA Brgy. Lanas National Road
3:30 pm ETA Naga Proper
4:30 pm Kaon and Suroy sa Boardwalk
5:00 pm ETD Back to Cebu City
7:00 ETA Home sweet home
P40.00 - P60.00/td> Bus from South Bus Terminal to skina Apid
P20.00 Mt. Naupa Entrance fee
P15.00 Jeepney from Lanas To Naga proper
P15.00 Jeepney from Naga proper to Cebu City
Total Expenses: P110.00
Note: we did not include the food expense for we may have different food preference