The Fascinating Sea of Clouds in the Municipality of Danao Bohol

Bohol is known to be a wonderous place not just in the Philippines but worldwide. Every year, a lot of tourists both local and international visiting Bohol. Most common spots in Bohol are Chocolate Hills, the tarsier, Man-made forest, Beaches in Panglao and etc. Aside from those attractions, there are also interesting and adventurous spots that are not so common to everyone but yet the beauty is so fascinating.

Danao Bohol: Sea of Clouds
Bohol, for me,  is a paradise where fascinating spots are in one place from mountains to beaches. Bohol is a must-see island in the Philippines for its full of stunning and adventurous places. Years and years have passed by, more tourist both local and international has come to Bohol to explore its alluring gem.

Danao Bohol: Sea of Clouds Danao Bohol: Sea of Clouds

Danao Bohol: Sea of Clouds

As the years go by, more and more interesting spots have been discovered in the island. One of this place is the sea of clouds of Danao Bohol. I lived in Bohol for more than 20 years but I never heard of a sea of clouds before. Surely, this has existed many more years from the past but it was just discovered a few years ago, that is just how adventurous the people nowadays are.
Danao Bohol: Sea of Clouds

Danao Bohol: Sea of Clouds

Basically, I planned this trip many months ago or I think it was a year ago but some reason it has been always canceled or postponed until such time I got enough time and budget to wander Danao Bohol. I went to Bohol with a mate, Andreas "Andrew", from Norway, it not his first time in the Philippines but it was his first time in Danao Bohol.

Danao Bohol: Sea of Clouds

We are so excited to see Danao's gem, the sea of clouds. Since I have no idea where to go and what to do, I've read an article about it and saw pictures all over on the internet which made me so fascinated.  It was still dark when we went to the place where we can see the sea of clouds, Kuya Benoy fetches us from ate Donie's house where we stay overnight around 4:00 am.

Danao Bohol: Sea of Clouds

We left Ate Donie's house at exactly 4:30 and we arrived at the jump off at 4:45 am. In the jumpoff area, there is a small sari-sari store wherein you can buy water, candy, and food. We didn't waste much time in there and we started our hike at 4:50 am.

Danao Bohol: Sea of Clouds

To be honest,  I was expecting that the trail is so tough and so steep but actually not. The locals carve the mountain with stairs and barred it with a bamboo stick so that it won't fall off.  For me, I preferred just the natural trail but maybe they did it to avoid an accident such as sliding since there is a number of tourist visiting. Unfortunately, we didn't enjoy the place so much because of its too crowded, therefore, I would highly suggest going there during weekdays.

Our Sea of Clouds Experience

We arrived at the peak around 05:20 am, we just stayed there with the other group, listening music and wait for the sunrise. As early as 5 am, the clouds are started to form at the top of the mountains. It's so exciting because for the first time I can finally see a real sea of clouds, not in a picture, not in the video but a real sea of! 

Danao Bohol: Sea of Clouds

As the sun goes up and shine so bright, the clouds also get thicker and thicker which is more fascinating and beautiful. It also reveals the beauty of the other places nearby, in the photo below you can see how amazing their rice terraces and the mountain formation.

Danao Bohol: Sea of Clouds
Danao Bohol: Sea of Clouds
Danao Bohol: Sea of Clouds

Andrew was not feeling well, so we descend and back to Ate Donie's house before 7 am to fetch our things and go to her carinderia for breakfast. As mentioned recently, the ideal day to go there is during weekdays for it will be crowded during the weekend.

How to get to the municipality of Danao

There are actually two ways to get to Bohol:

By sea: the most common way to get to Bohol is via fast crafts or vessels. You can opt-in go via Tubigon or via Tagbilaran. If your intention is really to go to Danao Bohol then  I would suggest going via Tubigon because Tagbilaran is too far from Danao and the fare is too expensive.

Lite Shipping Corporation Starcarft
MV Seajet Fast Cat
VG Shipping lines
Ocean Jet Weesam Express
Cokaliong Shipping Lines Trans-Asia Shipping Lines
Lite Shipping Corporation 2GO Travel Supercat
Please check their official website to check the updated fare rates.

By air: Cebu Pacific and Philippine Airlines all have daily scheduled flights to Tagbilaran City. Check their websites from time to time to watch out for discount and promo fares offered by these airlines. 

03:00 pm ETDP250.00 Leave Cebu to Bohol via Starcraft
04:00 pm ETA Arrived at Tubigon Port
04:10 pm ETA Tubigon Bus/V-hire Terminal
P100.00 Eat at Mcdo
05:00 pm ETDP70.00 vHire to Sagbayan
05:30 pm ETA Arrived at Sagbayan Terminal
05:45 pm ETDP200.00 Habal-Habal to Danao Proper
06:30 pm ETA Arrived at Danao Terminal
Note: We are very tired and so sleepy that time, so we waste no time waiting the next bus going to Danao, we hire a Habal2 for 200.00 good for 2 person.
06:45 pm ETD Going to Ate Donie's House
06:55 pm ETAP500.00 Arrived Ate Donie's House
Please be formal, leave no trace, minimize your loud voice, this is not a hotel but a resident building. Treat the place like your own house. You can stay there for P500.00 per night, its air contioned
07:50 pm Light's Off
04:00 pm Getting ready
04:30 pm ETDP100.00 Going to Sea of clouds's Jump off
04:40 pm ETAP50.00 Arrived at the Jump off
From the jump off you can buy drinks, water, candies or foods. You also need to pay the entrance and guide fee for P50.00 per head.
04:55 am ETD Ascend to Peak
05:25 am ETA Arrived at the Peak
07:00 am ETD Descend to jump off
07:20 am ETA At Ate Donie's huose to fetch our things
07:30 am ETAP50.00 Eat breakfast at Ate Donie's carenderia
08:00 am ETDP70.00 vHire going to Tubigon
09:00 am ETA Arrive at Tubigon
9:45 am ETDP250.00 Leaving Tubigon Bohol via Starcraft
10:45 am ETA Arrived at Cebu Port
Important contact numbers:
Kuya Benoy+63 948 779 9629
Ate Donie+63 999 517 0510