Mt. Lanaya's Ocular: Alegria's friendly and Grassy Scenery Campsite

SECURITY is our number one priority in every event we've hosted. No matter how near or far the event place is or no matter how easy the trail is, we always do ocular. We do ocular to double check how safe the place is, to check the proper place where we can set up our camping tents, to assigned a designated cooking place and to check how difficult the trail is. Aside from this, we also need to see the captain or person in charge to ask an approval for formality and to provide our intent as to why we do this activity in their place. 
Trail going to Lanaya's Campsite
So, just last Sunday, the 7th, we had our ocular activity in both campsite and in the Kalo-Kalo peak. We leave Cebu at exactly 250 am via series bus and we arrived in Brgy. Legazpi, Alegria at 630 in the morning. Inig abot gyud dayon sa Brgy. Legazpi, there's a place where we need to register and pay the guide and entrance fee. During our ocular, we had to pay P150.00 each (P100.00 for the guide and P50.00 for the entrance. We tried
to negotiate with the caption and even asked for a discount for the upcoming event, unfortunately, walay discount ky guiding is the alternative daw in doing panginabuhi for those jobless people as per Capt. Tess. The guide is not just bisan kinsa lang, there are 18 guides in the place as per Alex (one of the guide). Kini silang 18 ka guide mao ra ang allowed mo guide sa place.
Trail going to Lanaya's Campsite

Trail going to Lanaya's Campsite

As per capt., the guide can stay overnight and serves as the security, of course, they knew the place well and they knew the people living nearby. After talking with the captain, we started ascending to the campsite. We started at exactly 700 am, pahulay ginagmay, picture-picture until we arrived sa peak at exactly 8 am. Basically, one-hour lang ang hiking from national road to the campsite. To describe the trail, it is muddy, slippery kung grabe ang ulan, hikers friendly kay dili man kaayo steep. During our ocular, we also assigned a designated place where we can do the short orientation before going to the campsite.

The campsite

To describe the campsite, is so nice peaceful and so greeny. if you have a hammock, you can bring it. As always, we won't allow anyone to use your camping stove anywhere, we will have one place where we can use our camping stove for our safety and for the safety of our Mother Nature.

There were things that you guys need to prepare and bring during the event.

  1. Waterproof Tent 
  2. Trapal - it is highly recommended to bring trapal kay gamit kaayo ni if mag ulan 
  3. Sleeping Gear 
  4. Survival kit (foods, water, meds and etc). PS. katong balay near sa campsite ky dili ka luto ug manok kay na hutdan silag manok 
  5. You can also bring ready to eat foods. 
  6. Raincoat in case mag ulan 
  7. Payong for init 
  8. No slippers, even sayon ra ang trail going to the campsite but please wear proper hiking attire 
  9. Swimming attire, bring floater if dili kahibaw mo langgoy
    Mt. Lanaya's Campsite

    Mt. Lanaya's Campsite

About Montpellier Falls

We talked to Alex (our guide during ocular), and as per advice, bati na daw kaayo ang Montpellier Falls kay lunangan na sa Kabaw ang ibabao, so we've decided to chnage the plan. For the side trip we can go to Cambais and Cancalanog Falls. However, there are downsides for this:
  1. Medyo may kamahalan ang plete, its P300 per head via habal2 for 2 Falls na noon ni and its back and forth 
  2. Medyo mabalaka mi sa safety for everyone
This photo is not part of Montpellier Falls, this was taken katong nga saag mi padung Cambais Falls
I tried to negoiate with capt and asked if naa bay sakyanan ang lungsod nga puede nato magamit para mausa tag adto sa place. If naa mas maayo but just to set a proper expectation, there may have the same fare which is P300.00 per head. Nice sad if naa para we can go the falls together and less balaka sad. Mo confirmed si Kapitan if naay masakyan ky she needs to know the final head count paman. So basically, we need to know pa kung pila gyud ang ma dayon sa event and kung pila ka head ang mo adto sa falls. Mahibaw ang tanan on Saturday. Also nag negotiate sad me sa fare  going to the falls and hopefully maka discount ta para 250 nalang ang fare per head.

Kalo - Kalo peak

The peak of Mt. Lanya was being called as Kalo-Kalo peak, why? ambot sad. hahaha. From the campsite it will take 2 hours to get in to the peak. But take note, the trail going to the peak is all ascesding, air and water consuming trail, I can say. I'd like to empahize this once agian, our endpoint is in Lanaya's campsite only. The trail going to peak is lisod, slippery and pa ascend tanan.  And we don't let guy guys to risk your safety just to see the peak. Actually the same raman ang makita from campsite and from the peak.

Going to Kalo - Kalo Peak

Trail to Kalo-Kalo Peak

Trail to Kalo-Kalo Peak

Trail to Kalo-Kalo Peak

Trail to Kalo-Kalo Peak

Trail to Kalo-Kalo Peak

Trail to Kalo-Kalo Peak
Kalo-Kalo Peak

Kalo-Kalo Peak

Kalo-Kalo Peak

Kalo-Kalo Peak exit point

Kalo-Kalo Peak exit point
Please note, to maintain the beauty of Mother nature, we wont allow campfire. Refrain from smoking if possible. Bring your own garbage bag. Leave no trace. No vandalism. No cutting of branches.

Budget that you need to Prepare

  • P360.00 - Bus fare (air conditioned) back and forth (if naay student ID please bring it para maka discount) 
  • P50.00 Environmental/entrance  fee 
  • P100.00 guide fee (mandatory) - we try to ask the captain if we can just go there without a guide since kahibaw naman mi sa trail and sayon raman kaayo but its mandatory gyud nga naay guide. Nag negotiate paku ni capt if we can just pay P50.00 for the guide since the campsite raman ta kutob. I'm waiting for feedback pa. 
  • P300.00 Fare for Cambais and Cancalanog Falls 
  • P50.00 Entrance sa Cambais Falls 
  • P50.00 Entrance sa Cancalanog Falls
Please do comment your ideas down below, it will be much appreciated. Let us know sad if mo go mo sa Cambais and Cancalanog falls. 

Katong Nangasaag Mi

So basically, nag follow ra gyud mi sa maps me padung Cambais. We asked some locals if layo pa ba ang Cambais and they say layo pa daw kaayo. So na confused me why they say layo pa daw when in fact its just 1.9 kilometers from the exit point of Kalo-Kalo peak. 
Without hesitation, nag padayon me ug lakaw and to make the story short, pag abot namo sa Cambais nga location nga gitudlo ni kay kawayanan ra diay. Whoaa saag na. Pero laagan man lage, nag padayon ra gihapon until 6 pm. Kulba na kaayo kay naa mi sa place out of nowhere nya ngitngit na nya perte ka labong sa palibot. 

So gamit gihapon si maps me, nangita mi ug trail until na abot mis Guadalupe Alegria. We talked some locals there, amo gi ingnan na nanga saag mi. Without hesitation Tatay Gaudencio Lastimoso offer his service to guide us going to Cambais Falls. Bisan ngitngit na ni adto gihapon mi para naay meaning among pag sout-sout sa libunan and pag lakaw ug 4 hours without any idea kung asa na padung ang trail nga among gi subay.
We arrived at Cambais around 6:45 pm and nang lakaw from falls 7:10 pm. Wala nay lain tao sa falls, kami sa gyud nag ligo2 bisan ngitngit kaayo. Lakaw nasad going to Kalsada where adto maka sakay ug habal habal going to national highway. 

Some of the Photos we've take During the Saag Times

At the end of the day, naka adto ra gyud mis Cambais Falls with so much adventure. 
PS. Katawagon namig 911, ready na kaayo ang coordinate sa among location para ma locate ra mi. Hahahah

TIME Expense/s Remarks/Activities
ETD 0250 am P130.00 From SBT to Alegria
ETA 06:30 am P150.00 Brgy. Legazpi
P100.00 Guide fee
P50.00 environmental fee
ETD 07:00 am Ascending to Lanaya's campsite
ETA 08:00 am Rest and eat breakfast in the campsite
ETD 09:00 am Continue hiking to Kalo-Kalo Peak
ETA 11:00 am Kalo-Kalo Peak
ETD 11:45 am Descending to different trail
Monteneza, Malabuyoc
ETA 12:04 nn EXIT point
END of trail