Conquering the Perfectly Green Landscape in Alicia Bohol: Binabaje Hills

Bohol, as we all know, is a popular tourist destination all over the world because of its natural beauty and white sand beaches. Surely, we are all familiar with what are these spots in Bohol, right?

Binabaje Hills, Alicia Bohol

A little thing about Binabaje Hills

One of these spots is the Binabaje Hills which is located in the municipality of Alicia. This was discovered a year ago if I'm not mistaken. Numbers of major events such as trail run took part in this place.

Laag Bisaya

Laag Bisaya

Binabaje Hills is actually in our wish list. I conquered Binabaje with Char, Cherry, John, Rell, Lin and her cousin. Basically, Char, Cherry, Rell and John went to Bohol together while Lin and her cousin followed on the next day.

Tubigon Port

About our Laag

The funny part of this trip was that, there was no serious plan, no itinerary at all and we did not even made any advance research on where to go and what are the means of transportation in going to Alicia and etc.

Rell and I are purely from Bohol but the same with the others, it was also our first time going to Binabaje. To be honest, I haven't explored Bohol much yet, I only saw Chocolate Hills once lol, "mas suhito pa kos Cebu kaysa Bohol". Lol

As soon as we reached Bohol, we travelled directly to my hometown, Bien Unido. And since we had no idea on how to go to Alicia or what is the departure time of the buses going there, we took advantage on asking manong tricycle driver and luckily we got the most important information in going to Binabaje. Thanks kyah!! We stayed overnight in our place in Brgy. Mandawa, Bien Unido located right next to the municipality of Talibon.

On the second day of our silly adventure 

The next morning, we have to wake up as early as 3am to prepare ourselves and for us to catch the 6am bus going to Alicia from the municipality of Trinidad. We were planning to walk (well we have no option but to walk) from our place going to Trinidad since there was no tricycle yet as early as that time. Then luckily, there was a tricycle heading to Talibon, Kuya driver was on his way to work, we asked kya if we can hitch a ride going to Trinidad which he agreed. We arrived at Trinidad an hour earlier so we waited for the bus until it arrived at 0630 am.

Everyone was very excited in conquering Binabaje Hills. "Dili tanto". Lol! We also met Lin and her cousin in Ubay Bus Terminal. I want to say thank you btw to Ms. Jovilyn (a high school classmate of mine) for helping and providing her cousin's contact number who fetch us from the highway going to the jump off of Binabaje Hills.

Binabaje Hills, is indeed spectacular. I’m not going to say more about it since the photos below will tell you how beautiful this place is.

Everyone had a great experience but sadly we weren't able to go to Candijay as what we agreed because we need to go back to Cebu that afternoon. Supposedly, the plan was to book a ticket for 10pm trip going to Cebu via Roro in Talibon, however, it was already fully booked so we have no choice but to go back and go to Tubigon.

Can-umantad Falls in Candijay. Bohol's tallest water fall

Nonetheless, "bisan na drawing ang Candijay", still we totally enjoyed our little adventure in Bohol. And I was also happy that I was able to conquer Binabaje before going to Baguio.

How to get there?

Via Tagbilaran

Going to Alicia via Tagbilaran is kinda expensive, I'm not discouraging this option but if you have plans to visit into different spots before Alicia then this option may be good for you.

Via Ubay

This might be the perfect option since Ubay is the closest municipality in Alicia. You can reach Ubay via G&N ferry, for further information about G&N trip you may search it in the internet or visit their ticketing booth in Terminal 2 (pier 3).

Via Tubigon

Still, it’s kinda far from Alicia but at least it may save some penny compared to via Tagbilaran. There's a fastcraft (Starcraft) going to Tubigon hourly so nothing to worry.

Via Talibon

This is also a good option since Talibon is not that far from Alicia. There's M/V Roro that will depart 10 pm daily.

Surely, there are no laws that would prevent you from doing something or fun activities as long as you do not disturb others or hurt nature and environment, Right?

Enjoy your trip and let your worries go away even just for a day!

RESPECT mother nature and practice The Leave No Trace Policy.

  • Plan ahead and prepare 
  • Travel and camp on durable surfaces 
  • Dispose of waste properly 
  • Leave what you find 
  • Minimize campfire impacts 
  • Respect Wildlife 
  • Be Considerate of other visitors

LEAVE nothing but FOOTPRINTS, TAKE nothing but PICTURES, KILL nothing but TIME.

See ya!

Here's our Binabaje Hills Itinerary (made after our trip)

IT for Binabaje Hills     
Below is the Final Itinerary and Expenses for Binabaje Hills Alicia
ETD 1:30 pm 220.00 - 250.00 php per head Cebu - Tubigon via Starcraft
ETA 2:30 pm 50.00 php MCDO Tubigon Bohol
ETD 3:00 pm 100.00 per head via V-Hire Tubigon - Talibon Bohol
ETA 4:00 pm Talibon Bohol
ETD 4:15 pm 150.00 - 250.00 (pakyaw,
negotiate the driver first)
Talibon - Bien Unido Bohol via Tricycle
ETA 5:00 pm Bien Unido Bohol
11:00 pm Lights Off
3:00 am Call Time, prepare things and Eat
ETD 4:00 am 25.00 per head Going to Trinidad via Tricycle
ETA 5:00 am Coffee/Light Breakfast
($$ depends on your preferences
ETD 6:00 am 33.00 per head Series Bus going to Alicia
ETA 6:30 am Ubay Bus Terminal - First Stop
ETA 6:50 am You can opt-in in
stopping in Alicia market
to buy water and food
but fare may differ since
its kinda malayo
Alicia Ubay
ETD 7:05 am 100.00 per head (motorcycle) To Binabaje Hills
from Alicai Highway
ETA 7:50 am 25.00 php Entrance Fee
35.00 1L water
300.00 php Guide Fee (5:1)
Binabaje Jump off Area
ETD 12:30 pm 13.00 php via Series Bus Alcia - Ubay
ETA 1:30 pm 25.00 php per head via Jeep Ubay - Trinidad
ETD 1:40 pm 25.00 php per head via Jeep Trinidad - Talibon
ETD 2:00 pm 100.00 per head via V-Hire Talibon - Tubigon
ETD 5:00 pm 250.00 per head Tourist accomodation Tubigon - Cebu via Starcraft
Important contact numbers:
Jovannie +63 948 480 5038
Click here to Download the JPEG File of our IT
Binabaje Hills Alicia Bohol