Chasing waterfalls, Mountain Hiking, Watching Sea of Clouds, and Rice Terraces only in Bakun Benguet: A seamless place for adventurers

Baguio City is known to be the summer capital of the Philippines. Lots and lots of tourist from a different corner of the Philippines are coming to explore Baguio and to experience its coldness. Last year, when I had a vacation in Baguio with my college friends from Cebu, we weren't able to explore Baguio much since we only have 2 days at that time.

Mines View, Baguio City

It's been almost 3 months since I left Cebu. I left Cebu because of too much heartache. HAHAHAHA Char lungs! I left Cebu and move here in Baguio because I like Baguio and the weather is perfectly imperfect. This article should be written and posted supposedly months ago but since poor man ko diris Baguio (no laptop and other resources and also busy), so, therefore, I can't post just easy as that. I even just used my phone in creating and posting this HAHAHA it's too difficult kaya to access and navigate Blogspot using a phone.

Burnham Park, Baguio City 

San Carlos Heights, Baguio City

When I came here, I have no idea where to go and where to live, despite of searching room for rent online before coming here. Luckily, I got this friend who I asked for a little favor, Rhex. One thing that I can say about Igorots,
is that they're so kind and friendly.

Bell Church, Baguio City 

It was a tough day for me since, I have to adjust myself, I need to adjust of the place, weather, and people around. It is indeed too difficult to live without having someone to talk with the same dialect. Kahit naman makaintindi't maka salita ako ng tagalog but still iba parin yung bisaya yung kausap mo. Lol!

Camp John Hay, Techno Hub Ayala, Baguio City

Camp John Hay, Techno Hub Ayala, Baguio City

(Ili ti Bakun) The Municipality of Bakun, Benguet

Bakun is located at the northwestern tip of Benguet. It is bounded by Mankayan on the east, Buguias on the southeast, Kibungan on the south, Sugpon on the south-west, Alilem on the north-west, and Cervantes on the north.

Bakun can be reached via minibus located in Caltex La Trinidad. It may take 5 - 6 hours travel from Baguio to Bakun. While traveling to Bakun, you may enjoy the instagrammable views of mountains, cliffs, rice terraces, waterfalls nearby, cool air breeze and other views.

Life in Bakun is so simple and enjoyable. After almost 2 weeks of staying there, I had so much experience and enjoyed heaps of things. I'm so glad that my friend brought me there. Basically, my friend in San Carlos Heights Baguio is originally from Bakun.

I have lots of stories during our travel going to Bakun but I'm not going to write everything, mauubosan na akong ng words. While we are at the top of the mountain riding the minibus, I saw this amazing place situated on a mountain which surrounded by higher mountains with stunning waterfalls. I kept on taking photos while we're still on the bus not knowing that the place that I was so wowed by is the place where we were going to, Bakun.

Bagano's Farm

Basically, Bagano is the last name of my friend. They owned hectares of land in Bakun. Before going to the hydropower plant, we drop by on their farm first and pick some fresh fruits there.

In the farm, I enjoyed the panoramic view of the hydropower plant, the foot Mt. Kabunian, waterfalls and Mt. Tenglawan. It was indeed a perfect spot to mesmerize and enjoy the beauty of mother nature.

Mt. Tenglawan

Do you know that feeling, yung gigil na gigil kanang umakyat but you just can't. I can't because I don't have my trekking gear with me. As of that time, igo nalang sa pag tan aw from the opposite side of the mountain but hopefully, one day I can go back there and have a photo at the summit.

Aboitiz Hydro Power Plant

After 6 hours of the terrifying trip, we finally arrived in Bakun, had a rest and other stuff. The next day, we went to Aboitiz Hydropower Plant. It was huge and amazing, lots of tubes that is bigger than human. Technically, Aboitiz collects the water from the waterfalls nearby and then convert it to electric energy. Amazing right? It was actually my first time seeing a real hydropower plant.

While we are hiking, Rhex shared some stories and things happened when the company builds the plant in Bakun. One thing that amazed me so much is when they brought the converter that has a weight of more than a thousand down to the plant. And also bringing and installing those hundreds and thousands of tubes in the plant. Basically, this was built back in the year 1992 and was finished and fully operated early 2000's.

One thing that terrifies me so much while exploring the hydro plant is the very long and the highest hanging bridge I have been ever since. Natawa nalang ako as sarili ko kasi nanginginig talaga yung both tuhod ko while walking sa hanging bridge.

Mangta Falls

After exploring the hydro plant we go straight to Mangta Falls. While we are still halfway to hydro plant, there was this thin (in a way na hindi masyadong maraming tubig ang na fall) and tall waterfalls. Rhex told me that we were heading that place but not to that exact waterfalls since it's not accessible.

Every moment I had in Bakun was full of excitement. It was just a short walk going the Mangta Falls from hydropower plant but has an uphill trail. The moment we reach the falls, I was wowed and amazed. It was so clean and no trace of any trash.

Pattan Falls

Pattan Falls is located near Mt. Kabunian. It was a very tall waterfall and indeed beautiful. Pattan Falls is very visible from Mangta Falls since it was situated in the upper part of the mountain.

The same with the hydropower plant, there is also a hanging bridge in Pattan Falls which is very deep and of course deadly. Unfortunately, the hanging bridge is not accessible at the moment because it was destroyed when the water from the falls reaches the bridge. Actually, the bridge is not located very close to the falls but as per Rhex, if the rain is so strong then water will fall so strong too and by that, it may reach the bridge.

The same with Bagano's Farm, you will absolutely enjoy the panoramic view of the mountains nearby by, waterfalls and Mt. Tenglawan.

Indigenous Tribe - Original Igorot

While walking back home, Rhex shares some stories in their village before on how they celebrate a particular event and so on. Yes, Igorot's have their own culture aside from Filipino culture in general.

I am so glad that I was able to meet Rhex's grandmother, an original Igorot. I posted a photo on Facebook with Rhex's grandmother and some of my friends said it was Whang Ud in Kalinga. Rhex's grandma's age is unknown because of some reason happened before.

Tikip Falls

Bakun is amazingly surrounded by a number of waterfalls. One of these falls is Tikip Falls located 30 minutes away from Bakun proper. Every spot there can only be reached via hiking. The trail going to Tikip is already established but there's a part wherein the width of the trail is approximately 2 meters only and in the side is the deep and deadly cliff. Kung titingnan mo yung cliff it feels like hihigupin ka pababa.

There is also a hanging bridge there, unfortunately, we did not venture there for some reason. As per Rhex, if maulan daw yung panahon, leechs are likely going out from there haven so good thing it's not raining at that time.

No other people visiting the place therefore, solong solo namin yung falls. At first, I decided not go wet but the falls have this beauty and charm that is really hard to resist. So I ended up naliligong mag-isa while Rhex is waiting for me.

July 8, My New Year 

I celebrated my 21st birthday in Bakun. No birthday foods, no drinks and all. The chance of being there in Bakun was the greatest gift I truly appreciated and thankful with.

I never thought that I will be able to come to this very far place and celebrate my birthday. Seeing that magnificent waterfalls, nagtatasang mga bundok, a sea of clouds, rice terraces, friendly and kind people around and all other experiences are the best gift I ever had.

Bagano's House

Rhex's house is situated in the perfect spot, perfect in a way that those lovely nature creations such as stunning mountain formations, waterfalls, rice terraces and a sea of clouds are very visible from the window.

Days had passed, its time to bid my farewell to the lovely place. I am so thankful to Bagano family for accommodation and everything. Hopefully, I will be able to visit Bakun again.

How to go to Bakun?

Basically, only one minibus going to Bakun every day at 6 am and one minibus going to La Trinidad from Bakun. The minibus is located in Caltex gas station in La Trinidad, Benguet. It may cost you 185.00 per head per way.

Bakun Benguet     
Bakun Benguet
ETD 6:00 am 185.00 php per head Minibus Caltex La Trinidad
ETA 12:00 nn 185.00 php per head Poblacion Bakun
We stayed in Bakun for 1 week.
ETD 6:00 am 185.00 php per head Poblacion Bakun
ETA 11:00 am 185.00 php per head Caltex La Trinidad
Important contact number/s:
Lilibeth Bagano +639071102561 For accomodation and Tour guide
or through their Facebook Page.

Device used for taking photos: iPhone 5s
Editor: Adobe Lightroom 

Surely, there are no laws that would prevent you from doing something or fun activities as long as you do not disturb others or hurt nature and environment, Right?

Enjoy your trip and let your worries go away even just for a day!

RESPECT mother nature and practice The Leave No Trace Policy.

  1. Plan ahead and prepare 
  2. Travel and camp on durable surfaces 
  3. Dispose of waste properly 
  4. Leave what you find 
  5. Minimize campfire impacts 
  6. Respect Wildlife 
  7. Be Considerate of other visitors

LEAVE nothing but FOOTPRINTS, TAKE nothing but PICTURES, KILL nothing but TIME.

See ya!