La Trinidad, Benguet: Exploring the Instagrammable view of Mt. Kalugong

Baguio is known to be the Summer Capital of the Philippines while La Trinidad Benguet is known to be the plantation of Benguet's Strawberries. I know, every tourist whom ventured in Baguio will not be satisfied if they can't have the strawberry fruit or strawberry jam. I've been in Baguio for 3 months, for all those days and times I learned a lot of things, values, and new cultures. I meet many kinds of person and fortunately, I got a number of good friends. 

It is really nice to be in the new place, like a totally brand new place. New in a way that people around don't speak the local dialect I had, weather and etc. The downside is that when the time goes by and you have to say goodbye of the place and all the people you got as friends. Makamingaw sad.

One of the adventures I had in Benguet was in La Trinidad Benguet. As far as I know, there were 2 stunning mountains located in La Trinidad. One was Mt. Kalugong and the other one was Mt. Yangbew in Brgy. Tawang, La Trinidad. 

La Trinidad

La Trinidad is located a few miles away from Baguio City. It can be reached just by riding a jeepney which may take 15-30 minutes depends on how heavy the traffic is. La Trinidad, aside of being the place where strawberry grows has also a beautiful gem for mountaineers. Mt. Kalugong is located just a few miles away from the strawberry farm. 

After I quit my job in Baguio, I decided to do a little adventure in Benguet before I finally left Baguio. I'm so thankful that I got this friend, Dona, who accompanied me all the way. We work together in the same company before, we went to Mt. Ulap but until the first peak only, and finally in Mt. Kalugong. She is an Igorot, a really nice and kind person, she's one of the friends I got back in Baguio. 

Actually, this was the second time I went to Mt. Kalugong, the first time I went there was with Eric, Renson, and Hardz, however, it was unfortunate because there was no clearing. We went to Mt. Yangbew then finally to Mt. Kalugong. 

HARDZ & RENSON: Photo was taken at Mt. Yangbew during a foggy day. Fog is real. Lol!

ERIC: Photo was taken at Mt. Yangbew during a foggy day. Fog is real. Lol!

The second time we went there (Mt. Kalugong) with Dona, the weather is now in our side. Skies were so blue and the sun shines so brightly. 

How to go to Mt. Kalugong?

Basically, since we lived in Baguio City, we need to ride a jeepney going to KM5 (5 kilometers) then ride another jeepney going to Brgy. Tawang. Sabihin kay manong, na bababa kayo papuntang Kalugong.  Then we'll start right after you take off from the jeepney. There will be no guide along the way so be sure to have a  companion who already knew the trail but actually, the trail is already established and so easy to follow. 

The hike going to Mt. Kalugong from the alley of Brgy. Tawang may take just 1-2 hours depends on the pacing. We arrived at the peak too soon because we do have a lot of photography along the trail. We arrived at the peak around 11 am but before we went there, the place actually offers a place to chill with and have fun, so that's what we did.

Mt. Kalugong

In the peak of Mt. Kalugong,  you will be wowed of the panoramic view of the La Trinidad Benguet, you will also be wowed of the different rock formation. It was a truly seamless day for us because we got the perfect timing, with blue sky and no fog yet. We've stayed there for quite long and mesmerize. Charot! One important thing that you seriously bare in mind when venturing the place is that there is no room for error. You really have to be more cautious in every step you have. 

Mt. Kalugong, La Trinidad, Benguet     
Mt. Kalugong, La Trinidad, Benguet
ETD 7:30 am 8.50 php per head From Dangwa/
Magsaysay Jeep Terminal
ETA 7:40 am KM5 - La Trinidad
ETD 7:50 am 8.50 php per head From KM5 - La Trinidad
ETA 8:05 am Brgy. Tawang
Start Hike
ETA 10:00 am 100.00 php per head
Entrance fee
Mt. Kalugong
Important contact number/s:
Laag Bisaya +63 917 891 9778 For tour guide
Hopefully andito pa ako
sa Baguio when you
during your visit

The device used for taking photos: Huawei 3i and iPhone 5s
Editor: Adobe Lightroom 

Surely, there are no laws that would prevent you from doing something or fun activities as long as you do not disturb others or hurt nature and environment, Right?

Enjoy your trip and let your worries go away even just for a day!

RESPECT mother nature and practice The Leave No Trace Policy.

  • Plan ahead and prepare 
  • Travel and camp on durable surfaces 
  • Dispose of waste properly 
  • Leave what you find 
  • Minimize campfire impacts 
  • Respect Wildlife 
  • Be Considerate of other visitors

LEAVE nothing but FOOTPRINTS, TAKE nothing but PICTURES, KILL nothing but TIME.

See ya!