A seamless night trek to Mt. Kalbasaan

It's been 3 months since I went away from Cebu City. I missed a lot of things here, missed my friends, mountain adventures with them and so on and so forth. I also missed visiting my family in Bohol, basically, again I missed a lot of things here in the Visayas. 

Yes, I had a tough and good experience in Baguio during my time there. I learned how to survive on my own, live on my own, do things on my own and decide for things on my own. Technically, one reason why I went there alone is I wanna prove in myself that I can live independently. 

After 3 months in Baguio City, I finally went back to Cebu City. Just last 26th of September  I flew back here alone, naka kamiss din yung bisaya dialect yung marinig sa tainga natin everyday pero hindi ko na miss yung traffic at init sa Cebu. Lol! A day after my flight here, I went to Bohol to visit my mama, of course, family first then after 2 days I went back to Cebu to do my first trek after 3 months of being away. 

CLARK AIRPORT: Flying going Cebu

There was a little debate where to go camping, either in Muffin Peak, Mt. Mago, in Mt. Kalbasaan, or day hike in Mt. Mauyog. Since Renson and Hardz haven't been in Mt. Kalbasaan and since Mt. Kalbasaan is the most accessible mountains among other mountains so we choose Mt. Kalbasaan.

MORNING: Long exposure shot in Mt. Kalbasaan

Hardelene and Renson have worked until 3 pm so technically, we left the city super late and since it was Saturday, we had a hard time riding a bus going south because bus personnel in SBT won't let us ride the bus since our drop off is only until in Minglanilla. We have no choice but to ride a jeepney with a large and heavy backpack going to Bulacao and then to Minglanilla. 

We arrived in skina Tubod Minglanilla around 6 pm, we haven't wasted much time, we hurriedly looked for habal-habal going to Kalbasaan but before that, we have to buy foods and water first for our dinner. After the terrifying ride, we finally arrived in Kalbasaan around 7 in the evening safe and sound. Since I already knew the trail, I am the one who guide them going to Mt. Kalbasaan peak. 

Basically, this was my first trek in Cebu after 3 months in Baguio and this was also my first night trek. It was kinda hadlok ky basin naay baka sa dalan, heheh whihc naa gyud. We would also like to welcome Jenny in joining our adventure. Technically, that was her first time in mountain hiking and camping.

It was really a seamless night after our terrifying ride going to Kalbasaan, the wind was cold enough, the sky was so clear and the moon shine so bright. After setting up our five-star tent "as per Renson", we have to prepare and eat our dinner then chit chat later on under the moon.

BREAKFAST: Cooked by our best chef, Laag Jake

EVENING: Long exposure shot in Mt. Kalbasaan

The next day, we had our hike going to Puting Bato from Kalbasaan via Camp 7, this actually my third time so I am pretty familiar where to go and what to do. I'm not so sure but I guess, Laag Baboy (Hardz), Laag Bilbil (Jenny), Laag Jake Cuenca (Renson) are excited to go to Puting Bato since that was their first time. 

Technically, we arrived in Puting Bato around 11 am, of course, we had some pictorials and all at the peak. We didn't stay there longer because we are already starving, Renson was scared of heights (hahaha hahaha) and the sun is as hot as Jake Cuenca.

Mt. Kalbasaan - Puting Bato     
Mt. Kalbasaan - Puting Bato
100.00 php per headHabal-habalFrom skina Tubod to Kalbasaan
30.00 php per headHabal-habalFrom Camp7 to Lutopan Market
90.00 php per headVhireFrom Lutopan to Cebu City
You can also opt in riding
minibus from Lutopan
We did not include the food expense for we may have different preference.

The device used for taking photos: Huawei 3i and iPhone 5s
Editor: Adobe Lightroom 

Surely, there are no laws that would prevent you from doing something or fun activities as long as you do not disturb others or hurt nature and environment, Right?

Enjoy your trip and let your worries go away even just for a day!

RESPECT mother nature and practice The Leave No Trace Policy.

  • Plan ahead and prepare 
  • Travel and camp on durable surfaces 
  • Dispose of waste properly 
  • Leave what you find 
  • Minimize campfire impacts 
  • Respect Wildlife 
  • Be Considerate of other visitors

LEAVE nothing but FOOTPRINTS, TAKE nothing but PICTURES, KILL nothing but TIME.

See ya!