Sirao Peak: What if I did not organize that climb?

Having a group of people with the same point of interest is really great and surely makes a fun filled adventure. As we all know, laag is fun and it will be funnier when you are with your close friends or even not that close as long as you have the same interest. Nowadays, there are a lot of mountaineering groups anywhere. I actually wrote this article because I had a sudden question in my mind, "what if I did not organize a climb that day to Sirao Peak?" 

I really do love laag, climbing moutains, camping and etc, however, most of my friends are backout dancers and they love to draw and draw and draw and draw.... 

So what I did was, I created an event through Facebook. The very first event I had was held in Mt. Kabuwan, Naga City. Some of my friends as well as acquaintances joined me with this event. It was successfully done and we had so much fun. 

This was the very first event held at Mt. Kabuwan, City of Naga. The group is taking rest after extreme uphill trail. 

Few weeks after, I created another event that was held in Mt. Mago, Carmen. This time I had 20+ joiners. The best part of having such event is that we were able to meet new friends, make adventure and explore new things at the same time together. 

This was captured in panoramic view of Mt. Mago, Carmen during the second event I've hosted. 

In organizing an event, I got heaps of challenges, one of them is my "pagka maulawon". I can still remember the time when one harkor climber joined one of the event that I've organized, medyo ulaw kay you know unya dili baya ta harkor. Lol and ulaw sad in a way that I didn't meet most of the joiners yet ever since. Now, I'm glad that I was able to cope up with this challenge, wala nakuy ulaw, charot lungs
At the top or at the overlooking view of Mt. Kalugong, La Trinidad, Benguet. 

This was the very first Spartan Trail hike lead by Sheila, Kevin and the rest of their group. This also serves as the welcome hike to the new member of Laag Bisaya. 

Few days after I went to Nothern Philippines, I had another event, an event wherein we had so much fun, an event where real friendship begun, an event where family had started. In this event, there were joiners from previous events and there were also joiners that were completely new. One of them is Chiarra "OINK" Sebial. I can still remember when she was late on the assembly time, she contacted me and make hangyo and even make hugot, dili gyud naku malimtan iyang hugot na nagka nayon "biyaan na gani ko niya, biyaan pa gyud ko ninyo". 

We are taking rest after we passed the "murag wall climbing trail" 

The first group  photo of the team before it was made as official group. This was taken at Kan irag peak or commonly known as Sirao Peak. 

After that time or after the Sirao climb, Charra became Hugot Queen, the queen of all  time, lol. I can still remember how itoy itoy ug hilumon sa mga tao that time. Bernz, on the other hand, was the one who brought the laughter along the trail until we reach the peak and even until we went home. 

Mao diay daw ni ang heart shape river going to Sirao Peak. 

"Struggle is real", meet Chiarra struggled before but a harkor climber now. 

Sirao climb was the most memorable climb I've ever had, if I did not organized that climb, Laag Bisaya will not be established, there will be no Pre-hearts Day event, there will be no Summer is Here event, there will be no Outreach Program and most of all there will be no friendship, laughter, family, bullies, kabuang, char char and so on that was being shared.  Because of the climb in Sirao Peak, everthing was established, everything has been created and becomes stronger as time goes by.

Pre-Hearts Day the first event we had held at Mt. Kabuwan  Ciry of Naga

The second major event we've hosted was Summer is Here held at Mt. Lanaya, Alegria Cebu

The very first Outreach Program hosted by the team held at Gilutongan Integrated School in Gilutongan Island 

Laag Bisaya became a family for more than a year now and this year we really had a great achievement. In Laag Bisaya, it was proven that experience is NOT a must to do things, we just need UNITY, PERSEVERANCE and TEAMWORK to make things possible and successfull. We had no expereince in organizing such big events and/or activities but with everyone's help and presence, we made things happen.

The first photo of the group with complete number of heads taken at Mt. Naupa, City of Naga by our very own photo journalist friend Mr. Aldo Banaynal

Days will pass by, year will end but our friendship will grow stronger and will never end. To my mates, thank you so much for being part of my 2018 adventures. I'm so glad that we were able to conquer a lot of mountains together, shared experiences and laughter together. And also to all the joiners in our events, we are glad that we were able to meet you and be part of our adventures. See you around and cheers for more climb.

A panoramic view somewhere going to Alto Peak Campsite 

I maybe signing off in organizing an event but I can still help you guys if you have questions or in queries. 

Phil aka Laag Bisaya now signing off. Cheers!