Mt. Cabuyao commonly known as La Preza: Technically Single, Emotionally Unavailable

Are you wondering what's the title all about? Well, wala lang akong maisip. Bitaw, it's for you to find out. 

I’m on my final days here at the City of Pines after staying for months and worked here for a living. But before I leave, I wanted to have at least one mountain to hike on. So I and my friends have decided Mt. Ulap as our destination and are able to reach its highest peak. 

It’s not my first time in Mt. Ulap, I have been there before but only able to reach the first peak. It was a very cold morning as we went to the terminal at the Center Mall here in Baguio City. That was 4:30 am of 2nd of March 2019 and the excitements among us are very high since my friends haven’t been there yet. Also, that day happened to be the grand street dancing parade of the festival here in Baguio City, the  Panagbenga festival, so expect volume of people on the street. 

Unfortunately, as we about to reach the terminal, somebody told us that the local government prohibited tourists in going there due to massive fire that burns the majority of the mountain last 2 days ago. “Yung tipong lahat kayo nakanganga at ayaw paniwalaan ang sinasabi ng matandang estrangherong aming pinagtanungan”. That was a very disappointed moment since we woke up early just to have nothing in our hands.  

So we decided not to end here, and we know that there were more destinations we can go through. As our contingency plan, we will be trying Atok, Benguet or the Mt. Cabuyao in Tuba, Benguet. At first, we decided to go to Atok, Benguet and see the Northern Blossom Flower Farm. But again it seems that luck is not with us that time because going there will waste us a lot of time due to waiting for the jeep to ride and the time to load it. So our last resort is to hike Mt. Cabuyao in Tuba, Benguet.

We were quite hesitant in going there due to PEPO or Permanent Environment Protection Order that was implemented in the place long before. But still, we pushed through and decided to take a jeepney to get there.

Mt. Cabuyao

Rising above Baguio City is Mt. Cabuyao being one of the highest points with 2,025 meters above sea level. It affords an excellent view of the entire city and the well-known two disc-shaped radio transmitters were set up on its peak, comprising a famous landmark in Baguio City known as “Ra-dar”. Locals quip that these dishes are actually two giant electric fans that are responsible for Baguio’s refreshingly cool weather. 

Also, you can see a water catchment area which was constructed to supply water to the City of Baguio and nearby towns. And a small community of farmers lives at the top of the mountain. A town hall and a school was built for them by the local government. It is commonly mistaken as Mount Santo Tomas, a taller mountain just beside it. 

As mentioned earlier, PEPO is being implemented by the government even up to this moment. Due to excessive tourists that hikes the mountain years before when the cast of FOREVERMORE shoot there at Sitio La Presa (situated on top of it). Tourists were not became responsible as they should do and leave marks of trashes on the mountain. So, to fully control the tourists going up, they put a check point below and only the locals has the access of entering going up. 

We have 50-50 chances of going there but still we tried since this would probably be my last hike before leaving. We took jeepney bound to green valley and from there; we walked until we reach the check point for less than an hour. 

The trail to the summit is relatively easy; it can be done either by foot or with a vehicle. It was around 7am by then when we started our journey going up. It was a priceless emotion since this might be a once in a life time opportunity. We walked by more than an hour or two before we reached the summit. It was an easy hike since the road was already established. Along the way, you can see blissful sceneries around and from time to time; you will encounter locals there going up and down so being lost will never be a problem. 

As we almost reach the summit, we had a stopover in Café in the Sky. They serves tea, coffee, meals and others so once you get tired on your way up, have a stopover first in this magnificent café. Giving you a blissful feeling while dining, you can enjoy the overlooking view on what the City looks like on top. Imagine, having a cup of tea or a coffee while enjoying the view is extremely magnificent. 

Who would have thought I will be able to experience this. We stayed there for a couple of minutes just to enjoy the view before we leave and continue our journey going to the summit. We just reached the summit minutes later, and you’ll know that you’re on its peak once you already reached the two giant discs like shaped known by the locals as “Radar”. 

It was a magnificent trail indeed and as we are about to go down, we decided to take a jeepney instead. So we waited for a couple of minutes but no jeepneys are available so we decided to walk again going down. And since it was still 12nn, we decided to trek another mountain and this time is the Mt. Yangbew again. So we have reached 2 peaks in one day and was so grateful enough that this journey was pushed through.

When you go to Baguio and see this wonderful mountain, surely pareho tayong maiisip "gusto kong puntahan yan". Technically, this place is open to public before, you can wander around and/or do whatever you want but not anymore today as PEPO has been implemented. Mt. Cabuyao is permanently close to the public, aside of the garbage that was thrown anywhere, the place is also not safe because the rocks may along the road may collapse at anytime. In fact, there were lots of fallings rocks and landslide long the trail when we went there. You can see the mountain from the distance, wish to have an adventure in that mountain but it's not possible since may bantay. 😊

The device used for taking photos: Huawei 3i.
Editor: Adobe Lightroom 

Surely, there are no laws that would prevent you from doing something or fun activities as long as you do not disturb others or hurt nature and environment, Yes?

Enjoy your trip and let your worries go away even just for a day!

RESPECT mother nature and practice The Leave No Trace Policy.

  • Plan ahead and prepare 
  • Travel and camp on durable surfaces 
  • Dispose of waste properly 
  • Leave what you find 
  • Minimize campfire impacts 
  • Respect Wildlife 
  • Be Considerate of other visitors

LEAVE nothing but FOOTPRINTS, TAKE nothing but PICTURES, KILL nothing but TIME.

See ya!